Tips for Creating an Effective Newsletter

email newsletter It is very important for all businesses to have a regular newsletter for effective email marketing. It is with email newsletters that it is possible to keep in contact with customers, announce the release of new products and get-togethers and help build a good rapport with potential customers.

However, it is not sufficient to create just any email newsletter; it has to be effective and interesting enough to rake in sales leads and added revenue. For an effective email newsletter, make sure that it is a quick read as readers don’t usually have the time or patience to read long newsletters. The most time they will spend in reading a newsletter is four to five minutes.

Use short and interesting content in the newsletter

This means that the articles in the newsletter should be short and interesting so that it will immediately capture the interest of the reader. In addition to creating short articles, it is important that you use headlines to summarise the important points of the article. Also add some graphics in the newsletter design that are easily printable.

It is also possible to create a more interesting email newsletter by adding some attention-grabbing photographs and art work to the email template design. However in the process, don’t use too many graphics as too many graphics only lead to a cluttered newsletter design.

The email newsletter you create should be physically readable with fonts of a minimum of 12 points in size. There are many fancy fonts available for you to use in your email template design; however not all fonts look good when printed. Some of them are also difficult to read after printing; so try out different fonts before deciding on the best one for your email newsletter.

Choose your font and backgrounds wisely

The email newsletter should have consistent headings and text fonts. It is always better to use black or dark coloured fonts in the email newsletter and avoid using colored ones for the email newsletter’s text printing. You also have to pay attention to the colour of the background of the email newsletter. Don’t use dark colours; backgrounds in white, grey, beige, off-white, etc are easy to read, especially after printing.

It is important to hire a competent writer and editor for your email newsletter. This is because circulating an email newsletter with numerous errors only leads to creating a negative image to the readers. Just a spell checker will not suffice in creating the perfect newsletter; have it manually edited for grammar, readability and content.

Be consistent in the publishing of the email newsletter

It is not enough to only create an effective email newsletter; an email newsletter works in email marketing only if you publish it on schedule. It is up to you to decide if you have sufficient content, man power and money to publish the email newsletter weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and once you decide the frequency, you have to stick to it.
All these efforts will lead to the production of an effective email newsletter that can be sent to all your present customers and to the new customers who sign in to the email newsletter.

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