Dec 8

You may have the perfect product, the perfect sales pitch and an endless list of eager buyers’ e-mails, but if your message isn’t reaching its base your potential customers will be nothing more than lost sales. This is the exact scenario that many online entrepreneurs are finding themselves in, often times having to get out of the game long before they ever have a chance. Thankfully, there is a service in place to help easily organize even the most daunting of email lists, ensure that marketing emails actually make it to customers’ inboxes, and provide a wealth of features that will allow you to present your message in a professional manner. That service is StreamSend.

How Can StreamSend Help Me?

Simply put, if you need to send out bulk e-mail in a timely, organized fashion and need to be guaranteed that those emails are actually being received, StreamSend can help you. You’ll find countless tools to organize and maintain an updated list, though organization is only the beginning. StreamSend can also help polish your sales pitch with a wealth of professional HTML e-mail templates and even tweak the look of your e-mail with HTML editing features. However, one of StreamSend’s most enticing features is that every client receives a private IP address. This ensures that your e-mails will never get blocked due to the marketing infractions of someone else using the same IP address.

StreamSend May Work, But is it Worth the Cost?

Find out for yourself! StreamSend offers a free 30-day trial to let you get a feel for if the system can help with your individual needs. After the free trail, they have standard plans starting as low as $19.90 per month and Large Volume Plans beginning at $209.90 per month. It should also be noted that there are no contracts to sign, so if you find 5 months into your campaign that you’re not getting the results you feel you deserve you can easily change course.

StreamSend Sounds Great, But My Business Isn’t That Big

It’s true that StreamSend works with some of our nation’s most iconic brand names including Jelly Belly, MTV and UPS, but that’s not to say that StreamSend can only benefit the big guy. From small businesses looking to make the leap into the big leagues to home businesses simply trying to stay a float, if you have a product that needs online exposure StreamSend can help.