Don’t Play TAG With Your Emails!

The goal if email marketing is to get the message to your audience. However, if the message is reaching them effectively, you’re just playing tag. While the game is fun as a child, it can hurt your business as an adult. Check out these simple ways to avoid this tedious game.

First off, it is important to understand TAG. This acronym stands for Targeting Audiences Generally. When you TAG your readers, you send a general message to everyone. This is bad. As I said, TAG is fun when you’re a kid because you get to TAG them back. As an adult, very few people have time to play TAG so they brush it off and ignore it.

When you TAG your readers, this is exactly what is happening. They are unable to relate to the email, so they ignore it. Not good! If they’re ignoring your emails, you’re loosing them as customers. Instead of playing TAG with your emails, try remembering TCD.

Target Customers Directly!

Keep your customers listed in several different groups and be sure to separate them by a specific system. For example, if you sell several products each targeted at a specific age group, separate your customers by age groups. With this system, you can customize different messages for each age group. By customizing your messages for each group you’re far more likely to reach the targeted audience.

Just a reminder…
It is never a good idea to send a blanket email. It will never reach your audience.

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