Email Marketing – Keeping it Simple

In an effort to gain the competitive edge businesses are continually trying to find ways to grab client attention and be remembered long after their competitors’ advertising attempts have fallen to the wayside. With this mindset it can be easy to lean towards using Flash imagery in your email marketing campaign, and while this may be a brilliant idea in a perfect world we are far from enjoying such a scenario anytime soon.

Where as there are only a handful of popular web browsers and they nearly all support Flash, there are countless potential email servers that you may be sending your email to, and chances are that the majority of them will in some way impede your Flash advertising. For this very reason alone, we recommend straying from the bright lights and sticking to the basics in terms of email marketing.

Your animation may be cute, perhaps even hysterical and relevant, but when it causes excessive download times, email crashes or is simply stripped from the message by the client all of your hard work will end in being counter-productive.

By far and away, for the time being, a simple, professional template is your best bet in terms of producing effective, meaningful marketing. In this way, you are able to keep things simple on a level that will ensure your message successfully reaches nearly every recipient while still being able to add zest and personal style.

For practical tools that can help you further increase the effectiveness of using email templates, we recommend that you visit StreamSend. With StreamSend, you will find professional help organizing your email marketing projects and are provided with a private IP address to ensure that keeping it simple will also keep it effective.

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