May 28

Many sites distribute costly templates for professional emails, but free email template downloads provide a much quicker and budget-friendly way to communicate with your customers. Whether promoting a product, site, or general information related to your company, these free email drastically improve your marketing campaign. With Email Template Pro, you can find the exact template you are looking for such as a newsletter or showcase. Each free template has a small description to provide you with the exact information the template design offers.

Designing email templates can often take hours and are sometimes too specific to use for the next email. For the most efficient process, Email Template Pro  gives a broad but professional looking list of email templates, perfect for any type of company email. These free templates take seconds to download and are even quicker to implement into the email form. Provide the titles and small body paragraphs into the template, along with any pictures you wish to show, whether a product or Web site. Once you are finished, you can send the email to hundreds or thousands of customers on the company’s distribution list. The chances of response and visitations from customers will go up dramatically after viewing your customized email, and you can repeat the same process for your next mailing.

Email Template Pro features customized color templates for users as well. The “Opt-In” free email templates have a green, red, blue, or sometimes orange variation. Use this to your advantage by changing the color each time you send out a new email to provide the customer with a different, updated look. The color aspect may also attract more attention and larger responses. Pick from four different colors.

To take full advantage of email templates, browse through StreamSend. This site provides simple ways to create, manage, track, and use statistical data gathered from email sending. Carefully look through their list of ideas and links to make your emails worth the time and effort you originally put into them. The tour on their StreamSend’s home page will give a step-by-step process to success.

May 24

One of the most trusted names in computer software business is Microsoft. It only makes sense that you may want to use their product to create your email templates for the office and for business updates and letters. Microsoft helps you efficiently create templates for continual use by helping you set up a list of recipients for your emails, helping you set up your email template, and helping you prepare your message.

The first thing Microsoft works with you on is setting up a list of email recipients. This is one of the most important parts of creating an email template because the whole point is to make sure that everyone gets each and every email you send out. If you don’t have your list set up properly, you have to add in who will receive your emails and your email information each time. This can create errors that may keep some of your recipients from receiving email. It does not look professional when simple errors keep you from sending your emails to everyone, and it wastes your valuable time. Make sure that your emails are received each time with Microsoft’s distribution list.

The second thing that Microsoft helps you arrange is the email template you will be using. Some of your information will be fairly constant. This is the type of information you will want to go into your template. Business information and contact information are some examples. Of course, you may have other things that you typically put in your email. Microsoft will make it easy for you to send out emails with that template, and it cuts down on errors like typos and misspelling words. Set up your email template to be more effective and efficient.

The final task that Microsoft will help you work on is preparing your message. You will already have your template, so you just need to add information to that template. You can do it with confidence that you don’t have to look over anything already in the template, so you can focus on the task at hand. Microsoft gives you a dialog box which makes it easier for you to see exactly how your entire email will turn out.

Microsoft email templates are a great way to set up the basics of email templates for your company. Microsoft covers all of the most basic things you will need. For more in-depth email template help, check out StreamSend. StreamSend will help you create detailed email templates that fit exactly what your company needs.

May 14

Make your life easier by creating an email stationery template. This template can be saved onto your computer, so when you need to send an email, all you have to think about is what to say. An email stationery template will save you time, and in today’s busy world, time is more valuable than money. Your email stationery should have a letterhead, the format you would like your stationery writing and email to be in, and the company colors or logo.

The letterhead in your email should contain facts about you. This letterhead should inspire confidence and a sense of your businesslike attitude. Include the name of the company you work for, your name, your title in the company, and contact information. Your contact information is extremely important to remember. If you have a phone number for them to reach you at, make sure you include your extension. Less is not more in this case. The more ways you can be reached, the more business you can do. Go ahead and even put in your twitter and business facebook accounts if you have them.

The format of your email is another important factor of your email stationery template. Choosing font type, font size, and spacing will all be a part of the impact your email stationery template makes. You should not choose a font that is too flowery to be easily read or a font that would indicate anything but professionalism. Fonts we recommend include Times New Roman or Arial. In addition, you want to make sure that your font is not too small or too large to be easily read. Anything larger than size 14 font is usually too big. Anything smaller than size 11 font is too small. Make your email comfortable to read.

Finally, use your company’s colors or logo in your email stationery. Your company is important in every aspect of this email. Take pride in them and show your pride by keeping the company the underlying theme of your stationery. The company logo should be displayed if the company has one. The company colors should be subtly applied.

If you’re looking for a simple method to begin planning your email stationery template, check out StreamSend. StreamSend will help you create a variety of templates that will make your business emails stand out above the rest.

May 14

When looking at templates there are a factors that people may not know, and those factors can cause a lot of trouble. After looking through hundreds of templates and finally picking out just the right one, have you ever tried to use it for the web or your email and had the template not work properly? It can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t know why it won’t work.

Often times the problem isn’t the template. It’s the way the template is being used. Did you know that web templates and email templates are not the same? If you didn’t, chances are you’ve been frustrated by templates that “didn’t work” after you loaded them to the web or onto an email. The fact is there are two kinds of templates. One type works for the web, and the other works for email. It’s all about the different types of html.

Look at our templates for emails if you’ve been having issues with the ones you’ve found on the web. Our templates are simple to use and they are effective. We have many to choose from, and they are a great place to start if you’re looking for free email templates.

Another great place to check out is StreamSend. They have wonderful email templates that will help you find the right html.

May 14

When you’re running a business, you need to be prepared with signature email templates for each situation you may encounter through email. It is hard to be prepared for every situation, so choose some “blanket” templates that should go at the end or beginning of each email you send out. Some templates you may consider are basic, general best wishes, and possibly one with a quote.

The basic signature email template should be set up with your name, the name of the business, and your contact information. This looks professional, and it makes it easier for business associates and clients to reach you. You may even want to include a facebook page for your business or your twitter business account. In today’s fast-paced world, you want to make sure you are never out of touch. Each line of contact will help you gain more business.

For emails that require a slightly more personal touch, the “best wishes” template should be considered. This signature email template should be placed at the end of your email. It will indicate well-wishes toward your readers without you needing to worry about being either too impersonal or not being businesslike enough. It’s a great solution for those times when you aren’t quite sure how personal you should be with your email recipients.

Another wonderful email signature template is the quote signature template. You may consider putting your company motto in or just having an uplifting or funny quote to make your readers smile. As long as the quote isn’t offensive to anyone, it’s a great way to add something a little extra to your email.

These three templates cover almost any situation you may encounter in the business world. For more email template help, check out StreamSend. They offer wonderful templates to help you get started. The basic signature email template, best wishes template, and quote template will all be useful to you in your journey to becoming the best in your field.

May 14

When you’re planning on sending out an email, you need to keep in mind what size of audience you are addressing. If it’s a small audience, you can get a very specific template to suit that situation. However, if it is a large audience and you aren’t well acquainted with each member of the audience, it’s smart to plan accordingly. A bulk email template should be less personal, have no characteristics or beliefs implied or stated that would alienate your audience, and it should be efficient.

Your bulk emails should not contain personal information. If you are sending out an email to several hundred people, odds are they do not know you well. The more professional that you are, the better your impact will be. Your template should not include your personal address, personal phone number, or any other facts that you may not want the general public to have.

Email templates that you send out in bulk should not have any characteristics or beliefs implied or stated that might potentially anger your audience. When you’re running a business, you need to stick to the facts. Any type of personal ideal or feeling may get in the way of your business if you put it out there for the public. Templates should not have symbols or writing representing a group other than your business.

The final thing you must keep in mind when choosing a template for a bulk email is that it must be efficient. A flowery, beautiful template is nice in many situations, but when you’re addressing a large number of people, the majority of them will expect efficiency. Give them a template that looks good but does not keep them from getting straight to the point of what your email is trying to say.

If you keep these things in mind, you’re certain to create bulk emails that will help you move forward professionally. Streamsend can help you create bulk emails templates to make your job easier.

May 14

Email disclaimer templates are an important tool to securing confidentiality, ensuring company safety, and making sure that the customer fully understands the terms of your agreement with them. Make sure you know what purpose you would like your disclaimer to serve before you even begin searching for a template.

Templates designed to secure confidentiality warn those who may have received an email that is not theirs that they should not read the contents of the email or send the information in the email to others. When an email contains sensitive information this type of disclaimer is especially important. It lets the reader know that they are prohibited from misuse of information they received that was not theirs. In addition, this keeps you from being liable from their use of the information.

Templates to ensure company safety are mainly needed in cases where you have an independent author who is addressing the reader. At times, that author may share a thought or belief that is not necessarily a belief or idea of your company. It is at these times that you have a disclaimer. This ensures that your company is not held responsible for the ideas or opinions shared by the author.

Some disclaimer templates are designed to add clarity to a contract or agreement with your audience. An example of this would be a disclaimer adding that no agreement is final until the express written consent of the supervisor or company owner is given. This is especially useful in cases where several agents are working on sensitive material on behalf of your company.

You can see that finding a disclaimer that fits your needs is beneficial to your company’s success and safety. These three templates can protect both when you apply them properly. Go to StreamSend for more email template ideas and help.

May 14

There are many different holidays to celebrate each year. Make sure you don’t leave any out this year by checking out these selected holiday templates. They are exactly what you need for a beautiful holiday template that compliments the season without giving you extra hassle and work in finding them.

Something light and friendly will usually suffice. If you’re looking to keep your message on a level that everyone can agree with, a Season’s Greetings template is a nice option for your holiday greetings. However, if you know your audience and know they won’t be offended by a more direct holiday address there are many wonderful Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkuh templates you can choose from.

Another holiday you won’t want to miss a template for is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that people universally celebrate in the United States, so there is a wide audience that would appreciate a template with a Thanksgiving theme. A Thanksgiving template will really add something extra to your emails for the season.

In addition to Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is also widely celebrated. You will want your email template to remain professional, so be careful what type of Valentine’s Day template you choose. It’s easy to move too far into the romantic and lose the professionalism you strive for. I would recommend a low key Valentine’s Day template for this occassion. The Valentine’s Promotion IV is a perfect Valentine’s greeting.

Another exciting holiday that everyone loves is the 4th of July. You can be as flashy or low key with this holiday as you want, and nobody will consider you to be less professional. This well-loved holiday allows you to have some fun with your email templates. Celebrate the holiday with some Stars and Stripes.

If you like the templates you’ve seen but would really enjoy taking the time to make your own, then that is also possible. StreamSend can help you create an everyday template and the Holiday Email Designer allows you to choose a holiday template.