Christmas and Other Holiday Templates

There are many different holidays to celebrate each year. Make sure you don’t leave any out this year by checking out these selected holiday templates. They are exactly what you need for a beautiful holiday template that compliments the season without giving you extra hassle and work in finding them.

Something light and friendly will usually suffice. If you’re looking to keep your message on a level that everyone can agree with, a Season’s Greetings template is a nice option for your holiday greetings. However, if you know your audience and know they won’t be offended by a more direct holiday address there are many wonderful Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkuh templates you can choose from.

Another holiday you won’t want to miss a template for is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that people universally celebrate in the United States, so there is a wide audience that would appreciate a template with a Thanksgiving theme. A Thanksgiving template will really add something extra to your emails for the season.

In addition to Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is also widely celebrated. You will want your email template to remain professional, so be careful what type of Valentine’s Day template you choose. It’s easy to move too far into the romantic and lose the professionalism you strive for. I would recommend a low key Valentine’s Day template for this occassion. The Valentine’s Promotion IV is a perfect Valentine’s greeting.

Another exciting holiday that everyone loves is the 4th of July. You can be as flashy or low key with this holiday as you want, and nobody will consider you to be less professional. This well-loved holiday allows you to have some fun with your email templates. Celebrate the holiday with some Stars and Stripes.

If you like the templates you’ve seen but would really enjoy taking the time to make your own, then that is also possible. StreamSend can help you create an everyday template and the Holiday Email Designer allows you to choose a holiday template.

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