Email Disclaimer Templates

Email disclaimer templates are an important tool to securing confidentiality, ensuring company safety, and making sure that the customer fully understands the terms of your agreement with them. Make sure you know what purpose you would like your disclaimer to serve before you even begin searching for a template.

Templates designed to secure confidentiality warn those who may have received an email that is not theirs that they should not read the contents of the email or send the information in the email to others. When an email contains sensitive information this type of disclaimer is especially important. It lets the reader know that they are prohibited from misuse of information they received that was not theirs. In addition, this keeps you from being liable from their use of the information.

Templates to ensure company safety are mainly needed in cases where you have an independent author who is addressing the reader. At times, that author may share a thought or belief that is not necessarily a belief or idea of your company. It is at these times that you have a disclaimer. This ensures that your company is not held responsible for the ideas or opinions shared by the author.

Some disclaimer templates are designed to add clarity to a contract or agreement with your audience. An example of this would be a disclaimer adding that no agreement is final until the express written consent of the supervisor or company owner is given. This is especially useful in cases where several agents are working on sensitive material on behalf of your company.

You can see that finding a disclaimer that fits your needs is beneficial to your company’s success and safety. These three templates can protect both when you apply them properly. Go to StreamSend for more email template ideas and help.

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