Email Stationery Templates

Make your life easier by creating an email stationery template. This template can be saved onto your computer, so when you need to send an email, all you have to think about is what to say. An email stationery template will save you time, and in today’s busy world, time is more valuable than money. Your email stationery should have a letterhead, the format you would like your stationery writing and email to be in, and the company colors or logo.

The letterhead in your email should contain facts about you. This letterhead should inspire confidence and a sense of your businesslike attitude. Include the name of the company you work for, your name, your title in the company, and contact information. Your contact information is extremely important to remember. If you have a phone number for them to reach you at, make sure you include your extension. Less is not more in this case. The more ways you can be reached, the more business you can do. Go ahead and even put in your twitter and business facebook accounts if you have them.

The format of your email is another important factor of your email stationery template. Choosing font type, font size, and spacing will all be a part of the impact your email stationery template makes. You should not choose a font that is too flowery to be easily read or a font that would indicate anything but professionalism. Fonts we recommend include Times New Roman or Arial. In addition, you want to make sure that your font is not too small or too large to be easily read. Anything larger than size 14 font is usually too big. Anything smaller than size 11 font is too small. Make your email comfortable to read.

Finally, use your company’s colors or logo in your email stationery. Your company is important in every aspect of this email. Take pride in them and show your pride by keeping the company the underlying theme of your stationery. The company logo should be displayed if the company has one. The company colors should be subtly applied.

If you’re looking for a simple method to begin planning your email stationery template, check out StreamSend. StreamSend will help you create a variety of templates that will make your business emails stand out above the rest.

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