Jun 25

No matter what kind of email template you are trying to create, the task can be unclear and somewhat difficult. There are several helpful tools located on the web for making email templates. Whether you are a business trying to better reach your customers or just want to make your personal emails brighter, there is an email template perfect for your needs. If you’re wanting to make your templates more customizable, try using HTML for more options.

Dreamweaver makes HTML email templates simple by providing step-by-step instructions. If you are wanting to use plain text for your email templates, there are a few things you need to know. Plain text is useful for those who prefer plain text or people that have an email client where HTML can’t be displayed. Click here for more tips on plain text templates and formatting.

For businesses wanting to more effectively convey products or messages, there are different layouts for each specific purpose. Quick announcements, also referred to as postcard emails, are very simple and brief announcements. Email newsletters build on the existing relationship with the customer. The purpose of an email newsletter is to increase sales, but focus on things the customer may be intrigued by. A catalog email is just the electronic version of an existing product brochure. There is more information and some great tips on this website

Whether you need some help getting started with email templates or you are wanting to further expand your email marketing abilities, StreamSend is the perfect solution. StreamSend can create custom templates specific to your needs to help your business grow. Email templates are a great way to express individuality and add that special touch to your messages.

Jun 18

Direct email marketing is a great way to reach customers and potential customers. Although, direct email marketing is only effective if used properly. There are several tips and tricks that make this process easy and more efficient. For instance, using an effective subject line for your emails can be vital in raising your open rates. Even adding a simple signature can help attract customers. Also if you make your site unique, it’s sure to make a positive impression.

For higher open rates, use a subject line that is straightforward. Make sure the subject line isn’t “pushy” or “salesy” in the least bit. A recent study uncovered subject lines with the lowest open rates look more creative but often end up considered spam by the recipient. Examples of an effective subject line would be:

  • [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
  • [COMPANYNAME] Newsletter – June 2010
  • [COMPANYNAME] July 2010 News Bulletin!

Notice the subject lines aren’t flashy. The subjects are very direct and to the point. Examples of subject lines with very low open rates are:

  • Last Minute Gift – We Have The Answer
  • Christmas – Shop Early & Save 15%
  • Mother’s Day Salon and Spa Specials!

These subject lines are somewhat pushy and are obviously trying to sell a product. Most people will immediately consider these spam. Just remember to keep subject lines straightforward and do not make them seem like advertisements. Following this simple tip can heighten open rates and ultimately lead to more effective email marketing.

Another way to help your email marketing is to create a simple signature. Create a signature that includes your company name, what your company does, and a friendly departing message. Just don’t create a signature that is too long. A signature is more professional and it helps to better inform the people you are trying to reach.

Once people have opened your email, read the content, and are visiting your website, make sure their experience is unique and leaves an impression. The very first step to assuring your site is unique is to put it in writing. Write why people want to visit your site compared to other sites. This is called your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Make this less than a page with links to your website for further information on the most important subjects.

When writing your USP, make sure the first part grabs the attention of readers. The second part should be where all the information is located. The third part should make the reader desire your product. Finally, the fourth part should put them into action and inspire them to purchase your product. For further information and more great tips on direct email marketing, click here.

If you need help getting your company on the web, StreamSend is a great resource for email marketing and templates. Here you will learn how to launch your email marketing campaign in just minutes. Find email templates that perfectly fit the needs of your company. StreamSend helps users manage lists and subscribers, create and send emails, track, report and analyze, and much more!

Jun 1

Many sites distribute costly templates for professional emails, but free email template downloads provide a much quicker and budget-friendly way to communicate with your customers. Whether promoting a product, site, or general information related to your company, these free email templates drastically improve your marketing campaign. With Email Template Pro, you can find the exact template you are looking for such as a newsletter or showcase. Each free template has a small description to provide you with the exact information the template design offers.

Designing email templates can often take hours and are sometimes too specific to use for the next email. For the most efficient process, Email Template Pro  gives a broad but professional looking list of email templates, perfect for any type of company email. These free templates take seconds to download and are even quicker to implement into the email form. Provide the titles and small body paragraphs into the template, along with any pictures you wish to show, whether a product or Web site. Once you are finished, you can send the email to hundreds or thousands of customers on the company’s distribution list. The chances of response and visitations from customers will go up dramatically after viewing your customized email, and you can repeat the same process for your next mailing.

Email Template Pro features customized color templates for users as well. The “Opt-In” free email templates have a green, red, blue, or sometimes orange variation. Use this to your advantage by changing the color each time you send out a new email to provide the customer with a different, updated look. The color aspect may also attract more attention and larger responses. Pick from four different colors.

To take full advantage of email templates, browse through StreamSend. This site provides simple ways to create, manage, track, and use statistical data gathered from email sending. Carefully look through their list of ideas and links to make your emails worth the time and effort you originally put into them. The tour on their StreamSend’s home page will give a step-by-step process to success.