Customizing an Email Signature Template

Aside from a professional design and copy, an email template can truly benefit from a custom-made signature. If you’re designing an email template for a larger company, a signature is even more imperative. Luckily, corporate businesses usually have pre-made logos that you can use on each email that you send out. A smaller business should also have an image of some sort to add to the appeal. To maintain your professional look, keep the signature as simple as possible, including only the necessary information.

To determine what information is necessary, examine the business or venue that you’re sending out emails from. If your business is more of a one-man show, it may be beneficial to not include a phone number, lest you receive many more calls than you can handle. Most of the time, signatures include the following:

  • Personal Name (if applicable)
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number (if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Web Site Address

It is not necessary to include your name unless your business is extremely small, and customers can relate the company to you personally. Otherwise, include all other necessary information. Choose from a wide variety of free email templates offered on this site and others to keep the process efficient. We offer all types of designs, including a product showcase, monthly newsletter, and email opt-ins. Browse through this comprehensive list for the design that fits your needs.

For additional email template designs and professional advice, use StreamSend to create a positive image of your company. StreamSend also offers services like quick start training, deliverability audits, and API development. Find out more about the capabilities that this company has.

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