Embedding Your Video in an Email Template

For those who use email templates on a regular basis, whether for business or social purposes, it is important to use multimedia within the emails, such as video. Embedding video into an email is much easier than it was even a couple of years ago, and you can attract a much wider audience by using it on a regular basis. Combine your photographs, clip art, text, borders, and other designs with video to create an email masterpiece. Here are a few of the programs developers and average Joes use to embed and run video.

Flash – The use of Flash has become almost the standard in the web industry, and many Web sites have videos running through Flash on their pages. But because some computers run different programs through their email (it’s impossible to tell at first whether the receivers of your emails have Flash support without testing it), you won’t know whether recipients received videos until you try sending them one. Insert Flash video using OBJECT and EMBED tags.

Quicktime – Those who use Quicktime are similar to Flash users, although it’s relatively apparent that Apple users are much more likely to use it than PC users, simply because some of their programs group it in their installation (iTunes is a good example).

Windows Media – On the flip side of the coin, these are inserted the same way into emails, but Windows Media player is normally used by only PC users.

Animated GIF – Regarded as the most simple way to embed a video, these “stop motion” photographs look cheesy if they are not done right. If you can make it look good along with the rest of your design, the receivers of your email will mostly likely enjoy it, too!

Remember, videos in email templates are only effective if the user can see them once you’ve embedded the file. To accomplish this, you’ll need to experiment to find a reliable program while simultaneously keeping the video high quality.

On top of multimedia elements, there are other ways to make your emails more effective, such as through HTML editing and personalized email templates. Download these through StreamSend and monitor the activity of your email recipients. You’ll be completely satisfied with the outcome.

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