Oct 29

The dreaded Spam folder: the last place you want to end up in your audience’s inboxes. Even if you manage to escape the Spam graveyard, your company’s email is still fighting for your recipient’s eyes in the midst of coupons, pictures, email forwards, and special online deals. How can you set your emails apart?

An aesthetically-appealing e-mail template is an affordable way to make your e-mails stand out. Whatever your product, using an e-mail template to advertise your product and convert eyes to dollars is sure to produce results.

Not ready to commit to purchasing a template package? Email Template Pro has a number of attractive free downloads, with many options that will work for any company and product.  Use the colorful Opt-In packages to showcase your product/message in colorful, simple designs, or choose a themed template that coordinates with your message. Integrating e-mail templates into your everyday e-mail marketing is an easy and affordable tool that you do not need technical savvy to employ well. This simple step can bring great results.

After incorporating some free templates into your e-mail campaigns, consider purchasing a subscription or template package from a provider like StreamSend. You can further customize email templates to match your purpose. With many attractive and appealing options available, you will be able to set your e-mails apart from all of the other inbox filler, and the conversions will add up!

Oct 29

Parties and important events can be planned in a variety of different ways, but sending out invitations to friends and family is imperative to help grow attendance. Whether you’re inside an office or you’re planning a barbecue at your house, sending a professional email invitation is a great way to send your message out quickly and without expense. There are many places to download free templates, and if you’re looking to send out a party-themed invitation, this site has some of the best. When customizing your template, be sure to focus on the type of event it is so that you’ll know how casual or formal to make it. You can include a variety of fun decorations and text in your invitation, but the location, time and date of the event are the most important. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when designing:

  • What is the event centered around (person, idea, holiday)?
  • How many people should I invite?
  • Do I need people to bring food/supplies?
  • What activities will be taking place?
  • What activity will most attract people to the event?
  • How long will the event transpire?

Once you’ve answered each of these questions, you’ll have a good idea of the design and the most important information to include in your invitation. Unless you’re creating an invitation for an obscure event, it will probably be easier to create one from a pre-designed template. Once you’ve sent out your template, you can monitor your progress and the interest of your recipients through sites like StreamSend, which helps you capture data such as  clicks, opened emails, address tracking and more. StreamSend is also a great tool for those interested in creating professional templates for businesses and corporations. Check out all of the site’s features!

Oct 22

Corporate and private users have been sending emails to their audiences for years, but as they focus on their target issues, their audience undoubtedly shrinks. Some have made the argument that the bigger the audience, the better the results, but many times it depends on the market the email sender is in. If the sender would like to send a large advertisement to his audience, direct email marketing is one of the easiest approaches. After segmenting customers through research and software, senders can personalize the email to make address it to that specific individual instead of making it look like they targeted an entire third party.

As CRM points out, the way in which you use the direct email marketing technique can make or break your campaign. Audiences don’t want a message that is stamped with all capital letters in the subject line or layered with hypertext in every sentence. Messages must be creative and professional to maintain the recipient’s interest. To research the statistics of successful emails, audiences must be narrowed to only the target group so that numbers are not wasted.

Direct email marketing is hard work and time-consuming, but the task pays off in the long run. Continue to use your intellect and intuition to determine who your audience is and what they’ll want next. To make the process easier in terms of research, you can sign up for StreamSend. Using this site, you can download predesigned templates, and analyze how effectively your message is being sent by testing it through nine different spam filters.

Oct 14

With a targeted email service, you can find the specific audience that fits your email marketing strategy. Sites like majon provide an email marketing service to send out your message to thousands of people who are interested in the topics you’re offering them, and you can rest assured that the emails you’re sending are not marked as spam, since each recipient chooses to opt-in to majon’s subscribing list ahead of time. Once you’ve built your email template or downloaded a free one from our site, you can reach out to the thousands who would like to learn about your service or product.

It’s important that you take full advantage of a targeted email system and advertise your Web site and business effectively. Here are a few ways in which you can fully demonstrate your efficiency with a professional email template:

  • Start off by addressing your target audience
  • Provide links to pages in your Web site throughout your word copy
  • Use low-pixel images to display multimedia elements
  • Close the email copy with something your target recipients won’t forget
  • Put your Web site url link at the bottom of the email for recipients to click on

Start small and work up with a target audience. It takes hard work, but the process can flow much easier with email template downloads and examining the amount of people that have clicked on them. You can use these features and much more with companies like StreamSend. You’ll be able to further segment and choose your recipients as well as promoting your slogans and company brand. If you’d like to download professional email templates from StreamSend, you can still edit them using an HTML editor to customize each design and copy element.