Email Invitation Templates: Questions to Ask

Parties and important events can be planned in a variety of different ways, but sending out invitations to friends and family is imperative to help grow attendance. Whether you’re inside an office or you’re planning a barbecue at your house, sending a professional email invitation is a great way to send your message out quickly and without expense. There are many places to download free templates, and if you’re looking to send out a party-themed invitation, this site has some of the best. When customizing your template, be sure to focus on the type of event it is so that you’ll know how casual or formal to make it. You can include a variety of fun decorations and text in your invitation, but the location, time and date of the event are the most important. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when designing:

  • What is the event centered around (person, idea, holiday)?
  • How many people should I invite?
  • Do I need people to bring food/supplies?
  • What activities will be taking place?
  • What activity will most attract people to the event?
  • How long will the event transpire?

Once you’ve answered each of these questions, you’ll have a good idea of the design and the most important information to include in your invitation. Unless you’re creating an invitation for an obscure event, it will probably be easier to create one from a pre-designed template. Once you’ve sent out your template, you can monitor your progress and the interest of your recipients through sites like StreamSend, which helps you capture data such as  clicks, opened emails, address tracking and more. StreamSend is also a great tool for those interested in creating professional templates for businesses and corporations. Check out all of the site’s features!

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