Customize Your Email Design: Make It Memorable!

Although you may not be a computer design wizard, there are many easy to use tools out there to make your emails attractive and appealing.

Perhaps the easiest tool of all is a free email template. Email Template Pro offers free template packages, or you may choose to invest in a template package from a provider like StreamSend, which offers dozens of great packages. When using these templates, customize the email to maximize potential. Here are some easy ways to customize the template:

  • Use color: Coordinate the colors in the email to correspond to your company‚Äôs logo, website, store, or products.
  • Add pictures: Use pictures from recent events, of products, of employees, or of your store to add interest to your email.
  • Feature the Logo: Many templates have prime placement spots for a logo. Take advantage of this design feature!

On Email Template Pro, easily customizable options include the Professional Newsletter and Monthly Company Newsletter.

For your next email campaign, look beyond using just plain, boring text. Help your message stand out and be memorable by customizing an engaging email template, and you will be sure to see the results of this investment.

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