Using Bulk Mail to Your Advantage

Many companies have a large number of customers that require daily or weekly communication, and programs like MaxBulk Mailer can easily send out the messages you want to your recipients. MaxBulk Mailer makes your messages quick, effective, and specifically targets your audience. To make your messages even more effective, you can use some of our free email templates to make your message themed around a certain type of season or product. We also have customizable templates for you to work with if you have experience with design elements. Here are a few advantages of MaxBulk:

  • Increase overall communication to and from customer service, which will eventually bulk up your company profit
  • Compatible with updated software and systems such as Windows 7
  • Extremely fast and built to be customized until the moment you click “send”
  • Software is a one-time purchase, so you don’t need to worry about continual payments
  • Multilingual including German, French, Spanish and Italian

If you’re still in need of tools for sending out messages, StreamSend is a great way to both send and monitor your messages’ efficiency. StreamSend enables the user to conduct research to find out how many recipients are clicking on the email as well as using Google Analytics to record your campaign progress. You may use these features as well as multiple design templates to make your emails as attractive to customers as possible.

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