Make Your Messages Mobile-Friendly

In today’s high productivity, on-the-go life, more people than ever use iPhones, iPods, Smartphones, and other devices to check their email on the go. Unfortunately, something in the email can be lost when the screen shrinks from 17 inches to three.

Even the best email campaign can suffer from the shrinkage when your customers read the email on a mobile device. To avoid your message being unreadable or difficult to load, make sure that your campaigns are mobile-friendly or have mobile-device ready options. Key elements of making it mobile friendly are font size, picture size, and amount of information.

Because the screen is so small, you want to be sure that your font size meets the requirements and is neither too small to be seen or too large to load. In addition, although pictures can be wonderful additions to a campaign, large pictures may take too long to load. In addition, you want to keep your email short and sweet and keep the most important part of the message at the forefront.

Implementing some of these techniques will help your customers read your emails both on and off their computers!

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