Perfecting Email Newsletter Design

As you send out emails to your list of recipients, its important to effectively construct your email in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. We have several free email templates on our own site that can help you out with this process depending on if you’re selling goods, services or simply need a colorful background to go with your email. If you feel like your skills have improved enough to start creating your own newsletter, it’s important to start slow and not move into the design process too fast. Don’t start from scratch your first time – use a basic HTML template to put you on the right track and customize the template to fit your needs. For some designers, customizable templates are all they desire.

Remember, if the company you work for provides incentives for new users to sign up  for newsletters, it’s important to incorporate this incentive in your ad design to attract new users. For example, if a soda company provides a “buy one get one free” beverage for signing up for a newsletter, make sure you include this message using attention-getting technique, like bright colors or interesting font, and display the message beside or under the main title of your advertisement.

Be bold in your newsletter – use color where it counts, and link your messages directly to the pages of the Web site. Be sure to preview your newsletter before you send it out, and use researching tools and data-gathering tools from sites like StreamSend to get the best results. StreamSend has several customizable templates to browse through and perhaps get a few ideas in coordination with design.

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