Building an Email List

After deciding to do an email campaign, the next big decision is who to send the emails to. If you already have a customer email list, then that is a great place to start. However, email campaign programs can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the right eyes are seeing your message.

An easy way to effectively limit your email messages is to divide your customers by their interests or what they have bought in the past. For instance, if your customer has primarily only bought books from a certain company, he or she may not really be interested in emails advertising automotive care items. Make sure that your customers will be interested in your message, or your emails may just end up in the dreaded spam folder.

If you do not already have your customers’ emails, then the best time to start gathering information could be whenever they purchase a service or product. Then, you can record their information as well as purchasing habits. Email templates are an important aspect for campaigns, but if the right people are not seeing the emails, then you’ve been wasting time and money.

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