Campaign Planning: Email Frequency

Along with planning a recipient list and what to put in your emails, another important consideration for your campaign is the frequency with which to send out emails. While more than a couple emails a week could be overwhelming or irritating for your readers, sometimes frequency can benefit a campaign.

A factor of frequency is what you are sending out. If you are highlighting a sale, then multiple emails in the course of a sale may benefit you. For instance, this past holiday season retailers like Gap and JCrew ran multiple online sales for the course of the season. If the sale ran the course of the weekend, then I might receive an email on Thursday advertising the sale, an email on Friday telling me that the sale had started, and then an email on Saturday and Sunday reminding me that the sale was still going on. Because the sale was a limited time offer, the frequent emails were effective because they served as reminders of the special prices.

However, if these retailers were not advertising any special deals, then four emails in four days would be irritating and head right to the spam folder. Other opportune times to increase the frequency of your emails is when you are introducing new products or services or around the holidays. If your email campaigns are not being as effective as you wish them to be, consider adjusting the frequency and see the results.

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