Integrate Blogging into Email Campaigns

In the time of social media, there are many ways to increase your presence online. One popular tool many businesses utilize is a weblog, and an easy way to inform your reader about your blog and updates is through your email campaigns.

One way to use your blog in your emails is by sending out each new post. The email template can have a place for the update and links to the actual blog site where customers can leave comments and find other blog entries. Another way to send blog update announcements is just to send a teaser email that contains an excerpt. Readers can then follow links from the email to read the full entry.

Another option is to include a link to your blog in each email you send. Depending on what template you use, you may have a dedicated section for a link to your blog and possible updates that your customers will see in each email you send, providing them with just another way to connect to your business online and possibly make purchases.

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