Mar 29

If you want to add a special professional element to your email campaign, a customized template designed especially for your business can set your emails apart. Because not every business can afford a graphic designer to create a template, many online services can create a template for you.

StreamSend is one of those email services. In addition to ready-made templates, StreamSend can create a custom template for your business. StreamSend has sample templates available online that it has produced before so you can get an idea of what kind of templates can be created. From special templates for coupons or a general template you can use for all your emails.

Although it may seem expensive to have a custom template created for your business, you will be able to use it every time you send an email, and the results are sure to be high-quality and professional, thus making the investment worth it in the long run.

With a customized template, you can include your business logo, your company colors, and special images and graphics of your products. In addition, you can add links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites.

StreamSend is just one online option for customizable templates, and you can always create your own. Regardless of the process, a customized template is sure to bring your email campaign to the next level.

Mar 22

What better way to make your emails interesting and seasonally appropriate than by incorporating seasonal templates? Several template providers, from Email Template Pro to StreamSend, have seasonal options that will add extra interest and fun to your emails.

What better way to advertise special flower arrangements or boxes of chocolates than with a Valentine’s Day template? The holiday theme will help highlight your special deals during the season, as well as add extra fun to the email.

When the summer months roll around, add summer colors, like bright hues of blue, yellow, and orange, and images of beaches, ice cream, watermelon, and July 4th to communicate the fun and relaxed nature of summer. Putting your customers in a great mood may help entice them to buy whatever services or products you are trying to sell.

Another obvious time to incorporate colorful and fun templates is during holidays. July 4th, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are just a few holidays that you could do a lot with by making a few easy adjustments to your existing template or downloading new templates. ConstantContact.com has a variety of downloadable holiday templates, with options available from Mardi Gras to Kwanzaa.

Many options are out there, so making your emails fun and holiday-friendly is easier than ever!

Mar 19

After you spend time and money perfecting your email message and template, it is a shame if you find out that the email is incompatible with some email providers. To avoid this email fail, testing your email is vital.

Your email recipients could be using Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol Mail, or any other type of email provider. Each email provider may have different configurations for email display or different standards and limitations, so you should make sure that your email looks good in each provider. The easiest way to do this is to send a test email to a variety of platforms. The test email also gives you an opportunity to check for any last minute typos or errors and make corrections.

A second way to insure that your email is friendly for all email services is to use templates or campaign management (like from StreamSend) that has pre-tested it products to ensure usability. These templates have already been tested to perform in each platform, so you can be sure that your emails will be sent without a hitch. Because you have spent time and effort perfecting your campaigns,  make sure what ends up in your customers’ inboxes is just as perfect.

Mar 13

Flashy graphics, intricate designs, and an email full of content may seem like a good idea, but simplicity can sometimes be the most important tool for an effective email campaign.

Graphics and images are important ways to add interest to your emails, but you do not want to go overboard. In today’s world of sensory overload, your reader may be looking through your email while watching TV, working, waiting in traffic, or doing a million other little things, so you want to make sure that the message of your email is clear. Choose simple images and graphics that add to the text as opposed to take away from it.

Another aspect of simplicity is color choice. Three colors are enough for an interesting palate, especially if you are using graphics or images. More than three colors combined with graphics may create sensory overload for your reader, distracting them from the overall purpose of the message.

Luckily, many templates are already created to appeal to simplicity. Email Template Pro and StreamSend offers multiple templates that let the message of the email triumph over busy graphics or color palate.

Mar 6

Whether you have an in-house graphic designer or rely on web-based products, graphics are an effective way to make emails visually interesting, making them worth the extra cost. Although text is important, a graphic can catch the readers’ attention and make them want to read on.

The pro of having an in-house graphic designer is that you can have graphics exactly as you want them. The cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses, but many graphic designers also do free-lance work. With graphic designers, you can customize the end result, and you know you are ending up with a unique graphic that is not available elsewhere.

However, if having in-house designers is not an option, many template providers and websites offer graphics packages that contain images for any and every purpose. While you may not be able to customize your image, you will have many to choose from, all for one price. Email Template Pro and StreamSend are great online resources for engaging templates that feature graphics.

Whichever option suits your business the best, graphics are a sure way to bring your emails to the next level.