Spice Up Your Emails with Graphics

Whether you have an in-house graphic designer or rely on web-based products, graphics are an effective way to make emails visually interesting, making them worth the extra cost. Although text is important, a graphic can catch the readers’ attention and make them want to read on.

The pro of having an in-house graphic designer is that you can have graphics exactly as you want them. The cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses, but many graphic designers also do free-lance work. With graphic designers, you can customize the end result, and you know you are ending up with a unique graphic that is not available elsewhere.

However, if having in-house designers is not an option, many template providers and websites offer graphics packages that contain images for any and every purpose. While you may not be able to customize your image, you will have many to choose from, all for one price. Email Template Pro and StreamSend are great online resources for engaging templates that feature graphics.

Whichever option suits your business the best, graphics are a sure way to bring your emails to the next level.

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