A Simple Idea: Catchy Subject Lines

When planning an email campaign, you may be focusing on elements like templates, graphics, pictures, or your customer list. All of these are important considerations, but when it comes to actually writing and sending the email, you should be sure not to overlook one of the most important, yet simplest, parts of the email: the subject line.

The first thing your customer sees, the subject line is responsible for catching your readers’ attention and making them want to open your email and read it. To write an effective subject line, you should take some elements into consideration.

You want your subject to say what is in the email but in an interesting and unique way. For instance, if you are advertising a 15% off sale, you should say more in the email than just “15% off sale.” Instead, you can include specific items or reasons for the sale: “15% off All Seasonal Decorations” or “Take 15% off Our 2010 Bestsellers.” Both subject lines give your reader enough information while still piquing their interest.

Another element to successful subject lines is length. You want to include the right information, but you want to make sure you do make your subject line too long where it gets cut off. The above examples also are short enough to provide the reader just the right amount of information.

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