Five Uses for Product Showcase Template

Aside from the obvious use, the Product Showcase Template on Email Template Pro is a useful template for a variety of messages.

Highlight Products. Obviously, this template is tailor-made to highlight special products. You can add images, links, and texts to describe each product.

Showcase Events. Have some events coming up? You can add images and information about each event to let your customers know about what you have coming up.

Employee of the Month. For an in-company newsletter, this template can be used to highlight employees who have done a great job. You can include images of each employee and a short blurb about what he or she has done that is great.

Sales or Pricing Events. In addition to highlighting products, you can also showcase special sales or prices that you have coming up. You can include images of products that will be on sale and information on the sale with the images.

Social Media Connections. Use the Product Showcase Template to showcase your best asset: your company! In the image slots, you can include information and links to various social media sites to help your customers connect to your business.

The Product Showcase Template is an easily customizable and flexible template with a variety of purposes, making it a great go-to template for your email campaigns.

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