Campaign Price Points

Email campaigns can be more affordable than mailouts (and better for the environment) or expensive radio or television advertisement campaigns, but to get the most out of your money, you should shop around your options to make sure you choose the best package for your purposes.

If you have not been using email campaigns or templates, there are several free options. Email Template Pro offers free templates to implement on your own, and some sites, including StreamSend, give users a free trial period to try out the service. Once you complete the trial, then you can decide if the service is worth it.

Aside from free options, if you are not planning email campaigns of great volume, then per-campaign pricing may be right for you. Companies like CampaignMonitor.com offer per-campaign pricing that starts at just $5 for one campaign, with additional pricing for the number of recipients. If you only send messages out occasionally for special events of holidays, than a per-campaign pricing is an easy and affordable way to implement campaigns to see the results without making a big investment.

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