Ideas for More Dynamic Emails

Text in emails is important because it carries the message, but plain text emails can be boring. Emails can contain a number of dynamic elements to boost the overall appeal and attractiveness of your email.

Templates are a great place to start that do not require a lot of work. Whether you download free templates, like those at Email Template Pro, or purchase templates online. Templates add a colorful and professional dynamic to your email. You can even customize your templates to look like a version of your web site.

Another way to add visual interest to your emails is by adding images and graphics. You can find images online, or you can add original pictures of your products or business. If you have a graphic designer on staff, you can have he or she create original graphics for the emails, or you can also find graphics online or choose a template with graphics to add pizzazz to your emails. Email Template Pro and StreamSend have many template options available on line.

A newer element to add that may increase in popularity in the upcoming years is adding video. Animated GIFs are some of the easiest video images to add to emails, and these definitely add interest to your emails.

Let text be the mainstay of your emails, but don’t be afraid to freshen your emails with dynamic templates, images, and videos.

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