Jan 18

Along with planning a recipient list and what to put in your emails, another important consideration for your campaign is the frequency with which to send out emails. While more than a couple emails a week could be overwhelming or irritating for your readers, sometimes frequency can benefit a campaign.

A factor of frequency is what you are sending out. If you are highlighting a sale, then multiple emails in the course of a sale may benefit you. For instance, this past holiday season retailers like Gap and JCrew ran multiple online sales for the course of the season. If the sale ran the course of the weekend, then I might receive an email on Thursday advertising the sale, an email on Friday telling me that the sale had started, and then an email on Saturday and Sunday reminding me that the sale was still going on. Because the sale was a limited time offer, the frequent emails were effective because they served as reminders of the special prices.

However, if these retailers were not advertising any special deals, then four emails in four days would be irritating and head right to the spam folder. Other opportune times to increase the frequency of your emails is when you are introducing new products or services or around the holidays. If your email campaigns are not being as effective as you wish them to be, consider adjusting the frequency and see the results.

Jan 12

After deciding to do an email campaign, the next big decision is who to send the emails to. If you already have a customer email list, then that is a great place to start. However, email campaign programs can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the right eyes are seeing your message.

An easy way to effectively limit your email messages is to divide your customers by their interests or what they have bought in the past. For instance, if your customer has primarily only bought books from a certain company, he or she may not really be interested in emails advertising automotive care items. Make sure that your customers will be interested in your message, or your emails may just end up in the dreaded spam folder.

If you do not already have your customers’ emails, then the best time to start gathering information could be whenever they purchase a service or product. Then, you can record their information as well as purchasing habits. Email templates are an important aspect for campaigns, but if the right people are not seeing the emails, then you’ve been wasting time and money.

Dec 29

In today’s high productivity, on-the-go life, more people than ever use iPhones, iPods, Smartphones, and other devices to check their email on the go. Unfortunately, something in the email can be lost when the screen shrinks from 17 inches to three.

Even the best email campaign can suffer from the shrinkage when your customers read the email on a mobile device. To avoid your message being unreadable or difficult to load, make sure that your campaigns are mobile-friendly or have mobile-device ready options. Key elements of making it mobile friendly are font size, picture size, and amount of information.

Because the screen is so small, you want to be sure that your font size meets the requirements and is neither too small to be seen or too large to load. In addition, although pictures can be wonderful additions to a campaign, large pictures may take too long to load. In addition, you want to keep your email short and sweet and keep the most important part of the message at the forefront.

Implementing some of these techniques will help your customers read your emails both on and off their computers!

Dec 22

Template packages and email campaigns come in many different price points. There are free options available, like at Email Template Pro, and there are limited commitment per-campaign pricing structures available. However, if you use email campaigns as an essential part of your advertising business plan, a package option may be the best investment for your business.

A variety of campaign management businesses have packages as low as $15. At StreamSend, a $19/month plan is available that includes 2,000 emails a month. Its largest plan allows for up to 100,000 emails a month. If you plan on sending more than that, they have even more affordable large volume campaign plans. If email campaigns are going to be a vital part of your business’ advertising efforts, you will save more money in the long run by investing in a package. Email campaign packages give you access to templates, professional support, and much more, and they could just make the difference for your business in the upcoming year!

Dec 12

One option that you may want to consider when trying to build a client list is combining forces with a company that has a product that goes well with your product. For example, if you sell diet pills, get a partner company that sells workout videos to work with you. These types of partnerships are perfect for the marketing world, and they work well if you can target your clients effectively. Don’t bombard them with the same commercial lines over and over again. Use different methods, such as new design elements and new combinations of your product lines to attract more clients and keep the same ones you have.

Between the two companies, you’re going to see more progress in getting clients to opt-in to your mailing list. Create a special template to feature both companies with StreamSend. StreamSend has a variety of helpful tips and services to help you get your mailing list and emails off to a great start. They are also useful for research and analytics to make sure that you’re spending your time efficiently.

You will find that building a client list works much better when you have a partnership with a company that has the same goal and a product that works well with yours.

Dec 6

The New Year is a great time to renovate your email campaigns. Whether you have new products to promote or news to celebrate with your customers, a new template can catch your readers’ attention and highlight the message of your new campaigns.

If you have not been utilizing email templates in your email campaigns yet, the New Year is also an opportune moment to implement these advertising strategies in an existing campaign. At Email Template Pro, you can find several templates for free download. Check out the “Monthly Newsletter Template” or “Product Showcase Template.” These templates can be easily adapted for any type of business or message and are customizable—add images, links, text, etc.  The result will be engaging, colorful, eyecatching email messages that will bring your product right to your customer.

If you find the free templates effective or are looking for new template packages, many sites online have template packages available. Email Template Pro has a subscription program, and other Internet companies like StreamSend have a multitude of options that will fit any email campaign. Try something new for the upcoming year; email templates are an easy to implement, affordable advertising technique that can produce great results. 2011 is the time to make a change!

Nov 19

The road to a gaining a successful client base and online audience can be effectively achieved with the proper care in email marketing. Many companies send out newsletters and messages to their users once or twice a month, but their message can just as easily be deleted if it doesn’t stand out from the rest. Using the techniques from companies like eMarketer, your emails can become one of the most effective communication tools that you use. There are four elements that are essential when sending your email out to recipients.

Informed decisions – Gather the data that your email recipients need. Once you’ve sent this information out, you can gauge your audience’s feedback and make better company decisions. Don’t jumble up your information; use only what you need.

Quality Presentations – Once you’ve gathered your data, remember that it cannot be effective without good way to present it. Use what you know of design to compile and format your data in a way that’s appealing to the eye.

Company Advancement – Recipients now know all about your service or product, and now you must improve what you have. Use your data to change the company to serve the customers in better ways.

Educate Audience – Once the first three steps are acted upon, you can now turn your focus almost exclusively on the audience. Presenting information that helps them learn more about your business is key to a successful relationship between the company and customer.

Additional research can be gained through other online sources, and these are just a few of the ways you can quickly boost your productivity with email communication. If you’d like to carefully find trends and custom email templates, StreamSend is a great site to use. The site provides an Email Analyzer to test your emails before sending them out, and you can combine your research with Google Analytics to create the best email marketing strategy.

Nov 16

Although using email templates is an important way to make your email messages stand out, you do not want to forget about the most important part of the email: the message! While you are highlighting your products, sales, or specials, you may overlook highlighting your company’s social network presence, but your email campaigns can be a great, free way to promote your Facebook page, Twitter account, Tumblr page, or any other networks you may use.

If you are new to the social media world, then send out an email advertising your accounts with links for your customers to connect. With this easy, simple email, your readers will know exactly how and where to connect with your company.

After an initial social marketing message, then you can add links to your social media sites on every other email you send. Email templates are customizable, so you can add links and images to your email easily. Even if some recipients are not interested in your current promotion, they can still connect to your social media pages, providing you multiple additional ways to connect with them and communicate your message.

Find customizable email templates online here at Email Template Pro or at StreamSend, which offers fantastic email template packages.

Nov 8

Many companies have a large number of customers that require daily or weekly communication, and programs like MaxBulk Mailer can easily send out the messages you want to your recipients. MaxBulk Mailer makes your messages quick, effective, and specifically targets your audience. To make your messages even more effective, you can use some of our free email templates to make your message themed around a certain type of season or product. We also have customizable templates for you to work with if you have experience with design elements. Here are a few advantages of MaxBulk:

  • Increase overall communication to and from customer service, which will eventually bulk up your company profit
  • Compatible with updated software and systems such as Windows 7
  • Extremely fast and built to be customized until the moment you click “send”
  • Software is a one-time purchase, so you don’t need to worry about continual payments
  • Multilingual including German, French, Spanish and Italian

If you’re still in need of tools for sending out messages, StreamSend is a great way to both send and monitor your messages’ efficiency. StreamSend enables the user to conduct research to find out how many recipients are clicking on the email as well as using Google Analytics to record your campaign progress. You may use these features as well as multiple design templates to make your emails as attractive to customers as possible.

Oct 29

The dreaded Spam folder: the last place you want to end up in your audience’s inboxes. Even if you manage to escape the Spam graveyard, your company’s email is still fighting for your recipient’s eyes in the midst of coupons, pictures, email forwards, and special online deals. How can you set your emails apart?

An aesthetically-appealing e-mail template is an affordable way to make your e-mails stand out. Whatever your product, using an e-mail template to advertise your product and convert eyes to dollars is sure to produce results.

Not ready to commit to purchasing a template package? Email Template Pro has a number of attractive free downloads, with many options that will work for any company and product.  Use the colorful Opt-In packages to showcase your product/message in colorful, simple designs, or choose a themed template that coordinates with your message. Integrating e-mail templates into your everyday e-mail marketing is an easy and affordable tool that you do not need technical savvy to employ well. This simple step can bring great results.

After incorporating some free templates into your e-mail campaigns, consider purchasing a subscription or template package from a provider like StreamSend. You can further customize email templates to match your purpose. With many attractive and appealing options available, you will be able to set your e-mails apart from all of the other inbox filler, and the conversions will add up!

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