Dec 21

If you are looking for a new content management system, be sure to check out Joomla! This easy-to-use CMS allows you to keep track of each individual piece of content on your website. For those who are not technologically advanced, Joomla is perfect because it is incredibly simple. You can keep track of text, photos, music, video, documents, and pretty much anything else you need to manage online, all through one program. The best part of Joomla is that it is completely free for the general public and can be downloaded directly from their website. A demo is available for those who are curious about what Joomla looks like and how it works, and add-ons are available for a variety of purposes. A few notable companies that use Joomla include MTV Networks Quizilla, IHOP, Harvard University, and Citibank.

Since everyone has different preferences concerning what programs he or she likes to use best, be sure to look into StreamSend to manage your email.  StreamSend allows you to manage your client lists and assures that each of your emails is visually appealing and appropriate to your cause.

Jul 30

There are several tips and strategies to better manage your personal e-mail as well as your business e-mail. Some are just plain common sense, while others may not be so clear. Listed below are a few steps to better help your business successfully and effectively manage e-mails and the way they are presented.

One thing to always remember is to follow e-mail etiquette. Here are a few pointers:

  • Never write an e-mail if you are angry. Be sure wait 24 hours so you have the chance to calm down and think things over.
  • After you have finished your e-mail, have someone else look it over for errors.
  • Be sure to never use all uppercase. This makes the recipient feel like you’re yelling through your words.
  • When you use too many exclamation marks, it makes them less effective so be sure to use them sparingly.
  • Make sure your subject lines are to the point so they are more likely to get opened in a timely manner.
  • If you need to write an e-mail that is two paragraphs or more, it may be best to just give that person a call.

It is easier than ever to send e-mails, and even easier to make a mistake. Always check to make sure the address in the “To:” field is correct. As you probably know, when you start to type the name of a person in the “To:” field, there is a list of matching names that are automatically generated. Be sure to select the correct recipient. Possibly, if you are composing an e-mail about someone in particular, their name will tend to be on your mind so try not to inadvertently send the e-mail to them.

Another helpful hint is to have several e-mail addresses you use for different purposes. Use separate e-mails for public, private, online mailing lists, and online shopping. This can help keep e-mail priorities straight and keep your mind on task when in each specific account. Also make sure, if needed, you can reach that account from anywhere. Yahoo! and Gmail are good accounts to use for easy access.

After you have created your separate e-mail accounts, be sure to check them all on a regular basis. This task can be time consuming as well as annoying. A great way to access all your accounts at once is to use ePrompter which is free and can check numerous accounts at once. Another program that can do the same but for a fee is Active Email Monitor.

Always remember to reread each e-mail before clicking “Send”! People tend to judge your mistakes in an e-mail even though nobody is perfect. A good way to prevent this is to just simply read over an e-mail you have just composed which can catch 99% of any possible mistakes. Spell check is great, but won’t catch any grammatical errors or missing words.

Just remember these helpful hints to help your business grow and be more effectively managed. If you are searching for more help with e-mail as well as templates and other helpful services like quick start training, image placing, editing HTML code, and more, visit StreamSend. When you use StreamSend, it can help better present your e-mails with eye-catching templates and offers several other helpful tools.