Nov 20

Every time you send a newsletter, announcement, or promotional email you try everything you can think of to draw your reader in. Once you’ve got them, the body of the email gives them the information you’re trying to get a cross. So, how do you get them to that point?

One option is a snappy, attention-getter opening. It may work and it may not. A far more effective technique is called a banner ad. Banner ads sit at the top of the email and draw your audience into the body of the email. The ad could also lead them directly to the landing page where you want them to go. A banner ad can be instrumental in effectively motivating your audience. Here are a few tips to create the best possible ad:

1.K.I.S.S. That saying you used as a kid can be very helpful in this situation. Keep it simple, silly. The banner ad has only a few seconds to catch the reader’s eye before they move on so the ad has to be simple and to the point. Don’t bother with flash or pizazz because your reader will look right over the ad if they can’t immediately see the point.

2.Call for action with words that raise emotion or attention. Words like ‘free’ and ‘limited time offer’ are always popular. Keywords like this will grab the reader’s attention and make them curious. At this point, including a keyword such as ‘Click Now’ is always a good idea. You’ve got them curious and you need to tell them what to do to get more information.

3.Emphasize what your product can do for your customer. People are always looking for ways to make their life easier or better, so tell them how your product or service can do that! For example, we offer free email templates so a great banner ad for our email blasts would highlight that downloading our templates saves you the time you’d spend designing your own (making life easier) as opposed to ‘we offer free templates’.

4. Remember that you are a business! Keep your ads with the tone of the email it is attached to and don’t forget that this ad is the first impression for your email! Remember to keep it professional. Also, you never know what will grab people’s attention best. Try to create several banner ads and test them over a period of time. Keep the most successful ads and use them in the future. If you ever need new banner ads, model them after the ones you know work.

It is always best to design your own ads because you can tailor them to suite your company and your audience; but let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time. There are several options. You can always hire someone to do it for you, or you can search the Internet for free options.

If the ‘Net is seeming like a good idea, check out AdDesigner.com. Once you sign up to be a member, you’ll have access to all kinds of tips, sample ads, and free stuff. Not to mention you can design your banner ad on their site!