Nov 25

Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s: the winter holidays are full of festive spirit, and your email campaign can reflect the joy and festivity of the holiday season.

Holiday templates are a great place to start. Change the color scheme of your emails to green and red, blue and silver, or any other holiday colors is an easy way to create an effective transformation for your emails. In addition, you can download holiday templates. ConstantContact.com has many holiday templates to choose from for all of the major winter holidays.

Also, don’t forget about highlight your products and services for gifts! An email message is an effective and speedy way to let your customers know about sales, special prices, and coupons to use for your business. Email is an important way to communicate with your customers, so do not let this opportunity for valuable holiday conversions pass you by.

Sep 2

With the kids heading back to school and Labor Day just around the corner, summer is officially coming to a close, and that means that cooler temperatures, fall colors, hay rides, and apple cider are closer than you realize. Start planning your fall email campaigns, and you will be ready for the new season.

One way to get your email campaign ready for fall is by changing the template. Find holiday and fall email templates online at Email Template Pro or other template sights, and download them and add them to your emails. You can also include fall images to further transform your emails.

In addition, you can change the products you advertise in your emails to seasonally appropriate items that your business offers, whether it is seasonal clothing or back to school items, or holiday decorations.

Transforming your emails to match with the changing seasons can be an effective way to boost conversions and provide your customers with what they need for the upcoming season.

Aug 18

Text in emails is important because it carries the message, but plain text emails can be boring. Emails can contain a number of dynamic elements to boost the overall appeal and attractiveness of your email.

Templates are a great place to start that do not require a lot of work. Whether you download free templates, like those at Email Template Pro, or purchase templates online. Templates add a colorful and professional dynamic to your email. You can even customize your templates to look like a version of your web site.

Another way to add visual interest to your emails is by adding images and graphics. You can find images online, or you can add original pictures of your products or business. If you have a graphic designer on staff, you can have he or she create original graphics for the emails, or you can also find graphics online or choose a template with graphics to add pizzazz to your emails. Email Template Pro and StreamSend have many template options available on line.

A newer element to add that may increase in popularity in the upcoming years is adding video. Animated GIFs are some of the easiest video images to add to emails, and these definitely add interest to your emails.

Let text be the mainstay of your emails, but don’t be afraid to freshen your emails with dynamic templates, images, and videos.

Aug 4

One of the most popular ways to employ email campaigns and templates is to advertise products, whether you have new merchandise to advertise or are communicating special prices or sales. Templates are a great way to showcase your products, and Email Template Pro has several free templates that can be easily used for highlighting your products or services.

One template choice is to go with a newsletter style template. These templates have more room for text over images and graphics, so you can use more room to talk about your products and what makes them special, but you can also include images. The Professional Newsletter and Monthly Newsletter templates are excellent choices for this purpose.

In addition, Email Template Pro has the Real Estate Showcase, Car Company Vehicle Showcase, and Product Showcase templates. These templates have more room for images, which is excellent for visually communicating the product, and there is also room for text for descriptions.

All templates are free and easily customizable.

Jul 28

Email marketing has two major fields of thought concerning opt-in lists versus permission-based emails. With today’s advanced technology, email carriers have junk email detectors that are more refined than ever, and priority programs like Gmail’s Priority Inbox makes it even harder to get your emails seen by your customers.

Opt-in emails have been successful in the past, but today, many prefer direct marketing with opt-out options. Both can have results, but you should research both options before starting an email campaign. Look for pros and cons for each process, and look to see where the trends are heading to make sure that your campaigns are as successful as it can be.

Email Template Pro has many Opt-In email templates for free download that provide colorful, professional, and customizable designs for your email campaign.

Jul 6

An important part of understanding how successful your campaigns are is understanding your “open” rate. According to ConstantContact.com, the open rate can be measured by how many emails are opened by how many emails are sent or bounced.

The article also goes into more detail about other open stipulations. For instance, if the email is text only, no template, no images. They also say that there is no right open number; there are many elements to consider.

You can find the article and all of the information here. If you are not receiving the conversion rates you are wishing for, the open rate could be an indicator.

Jun 30

As July 4th rolls around, now is a great time to add some patriotic spirit to your templates. Whether you add a red and blue color scheme or go all out with a holiday template, a July 4th theme will punch up your emails with the festive spirit of summer.

ConstantContact.com is a great source for a holiday template. They have holiday templates as well as seasonal summer templates that can heat up your email campaigns. Email Template Pro also has customizable templates that you can change the colors and images in to fit the theme.

In addition to downloading a new template, you can add spirited images to your email, like fireworks, flags, and picnics. You can also advertise patriotic or summer products to fit with the theme, like summer vacations, camping equipment, outdoor sports equipment, pictures, photo books, and other miscellaneous items that are great summer purchases.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, summer is a great time to utilize summer and patriotic themes to advertise your products and services.

Jun 23

If your email campaigns are not getting the results you are hoping for, there are many things you can do to improve your emails and get better results. The key to better results is knowing what to change, which is why carefully monitoring your success throughout is important.

Text:   Maybe you are using too much text or not enough. Maybe the font is not easily readable or large enough. Maybe the text just isn’t interesting or to the point. What you are actually writing in the email is easy to improve and test, and it can be surprising how little changes can make a big difference.

Links: Make sure that your email has enough links to connect to your business. These could include contact links (email, phone numbers, website), social media links, and links to your specific products.

Templates: Templates can make emails attractive and interesting. Play around with new templates and customizing the ones you have to give your emails a fresh facelift.

Frequency: Maybe you are overwhelming your customers with too many emails, or maybe you are not sending out emails enough. Adjust the frequency of your emails and see what kind of results you get.

These are easy areas to start with to see improvements with your email campaigns. If all else fails, consult a professional management company like StreamSend to see what kind of help they can offer.

Jun 17

Aside from the obvious use, the Product Showcase Template on Email Template Pro is a useful template for a variety of messages.

Highlight Products. Obviously, this template is tailor-made to highlight special products. You can add images, links, and texts to describe each product.

Showcase Events. Have some events coming up? You can add images and information about each event to let your customers know about what you have coming up.

Employee of the Month. For an in-company newsletter, this template can be used to highlight employees who have done a great job. You can include images of each employee and a short blurb about what he or she has done that is great.

Sales or Pricing Events. In addition to highlighting products, you can also showcase special sales or prices that you have coming up. You can include images of products that will be on sale and information on the sale with the images.

Social Media Connections. Use the Product Showcase Template to showcase your best asset: your company! In the image slots, you can include information and links to various social media sites to help your customers connect to your business.

The Product Showcase Template is an easily customizable and flexible template with a variety of purposes, making it a great go-to template for your email campaigns.

Jun 10

Regardless of what type of emails you are sending in a campaign, newsletters can often be effective messages to send to update your customers on what is happening in your business and highlight new products or special deals.

Luckily, many template providers have newsletter templates ready to drop in your email. Email Template Pro offers the Professional Newsletter Template, and StreamSend can customize a company newsletter template just for your business.

Other online sources for newsletter templates include Freemailtemplates.com, which has newsletter templates in a variety of colors and styles, and they are free. ConstantContact.com has over 400 templates available, you will be sure to find an adequate newsletter template theme there.

These newsletter templates are easy to use, and you can add text, links, and images to communicate your message and make the email interesting and entertaining to your customers.

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