May 24

One of the most trusted names in computer software business is Microsoft. It only makes sense that you may want to use their product to create your email templates for the office and for business updates and letters. Microsoft helps you efficiently create templates for continual use by helping you set up a list of recipients for your emails, helping you set up your email template, and helping you prepare your message.

The first thing Microsoft works with you on is setting up a list of email recipients. This is one of the most important parts of creating an email template because the whole point is to make sure that everyone gets each and every email you send out. If you don’t have your list set up properly, you have to add in who will receive your emails and your email information each time. This can create errors that may keep some of your recipients from receiving email. It does not look professional when simple errors keep you from sending your emails to everyone, and it wastes your valuable time. Make sure that your emails are received each time with Microsoft’s distribution list.

The second thing that Microsoft helps you arrange is the email template you will be using. Some of your information will be fairly constant. This is the type of information you will want to go into your template. Business information and contact information are some examples. Of course, you may have other things that you typically put in your email. Microsoft will make it easy for you to send out emails with that template, and it cuts down on errors like typos and misspelling words. Set up your email template to be more effective and efficient.

The final task that Microsoft will help you work on is preparing your message. You will already have your template, so you just need to add information to that template. You can do it with confidence that you don’t have to look over anything already in the template, so you can focus on the task at hand. Microsoft gives you a dialog box which makes it easier for you to see exactly how your entire email will turn out.

Microsoft email templates are a great way to set up the basics of email templates for your company. Microsoft covers all of the most basic things you will need. For more in-depth email template help, check out StreamSend. StreamSend will help you create detailed email templates that fit exactly what your company needs.

Jan 5

When you are trying to turn a profit (as most businesses are!) advertising is important. Most people think that the work stops there, and it does to a certain extent. You don’t have to work any harder, but your landing page will be working harder than ever!

When you send out an email marketing message or a newsletter the general goal is to draw the potential customers back to your company. In this age of electronics, most times that means your website. The key to turning that website visit into a sale is the effectiveness of the landing page.

For those who are new to this idea, most emails contain a link of some kind. This link could tie back to your general website or a specific product or service page. What ever page the link leads to is the landing page. The key to an effective landing page is fairly simple. Keep it simple.

The landing page should be very straight forward and simple. The visitor must be able to see the point of the page the moment it loads or they are going to move on. Also, if they have to search for the information advertised in the email they are going to give up and move on.

Keeping this in mind, plan your landing pages to be simple and straightforward. If you have landing pages that are not turning profits, consider redesigning them. The problem could be as simple as an overload of unhelpful information. Regardless of the design you choose to go with for your landing pages, be sure to stick to the point.

This brings me to the next key to an effective landing page. Whatever landing page you choose to use, make sure it is the most direct match to the content of the email. For example, if you’re promoting a music festival don’t send the visitor to a page promoting a similar art festival held in the same place. The link you use needs to lead to the direct match for the content of the email.

By following these two simple rules of landing pages, you’re sure to increase the traffic and the profit that your landing pages receive.

Dec 2

Most people think that in order to be effective you must be memorable. In most cases that is true. In the business world, you must be memorable but that is only a small part of what it takes to succeed. There are so many aspects to business success that there is no way to possibly consider them all. There is, however, one that is understood to be one of the most important factors.

Are you able to complete your work quickly to the highest possible standards?

If you have the resources to devote to personalizing your emails and newsletters, then you are lucky. Most business do not have those vast resources, especially small businesses. That’s where we can help. By using our free email templates you put yourself in the same shoes as the big companies. Our email templates are tried and true and will help you send more effective emails and newsletters.

The best part (aside from being FREE) is that these templates save you time. After you download an email template you simply plug in the information you want to send to your subscribers or customers and ta-da! You just sent an effective newsletter or email update in no time at all. Isn’t it nice to know you can finish something quickly and finish it the highest possible standards?