Nov 25

Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s: the winter holidays are full of festive spirit, and your email campaign can reflect the joy and festivity of the holiday season.

Holiday templates are a great place to start. Change the color scheme of your emails to green and red, blue and silver, or any other holiday colors is an easy way to create an effective transformation for your emails. In addition, you can download holiday templates. ConstantContact.com has many holiday templates to choose from for all of the major winter holidays.

Also, don’t forget about highlight your products and services for gifts! An email message is an effective and speedy way to let your customers know about sales, special prices, and coupons to use for your business. Email is an important way to communicate with your customers, so do not let this opportunity for valuable holiday conversions pass you by.

Aug 4

One of the most popular ways to employ email campaigns and templates is to advertise products, whether you have new merchandise to advertise or are communicating special prices or sales. Templates are a great way to showcase your products, and Email Template Pro has several free templates that can be easily used for highlighting your products or services.

One template choice is to go with a newsletter style template. These templates have more room for text over images and graphics, so you can use more room to talk about your products and what makes them special, but you can also include images. The Professional Newsletter and Monthly Newsletter templates are excellent choices for this purpose.

In addition, Email Template Pro has the Real Estate Showcase, Car Company Vehicle Showcase, and Product Showcase templates. These templates have more room for images, which is excellent for visually communicating the product, and there is also room for text for descriptions.

All templates are free and easily customizable.

Jun 17

Aside from the obvious use, the Product Showcase Template on Email Template Pro is a useful template for a variety of messages.

Highlight Products. Obviously, this template is tailor-made to highlight special products. You can add images, links, and texts to describe each product.

Showcase Events. Have some events coming up? You can add images and information about each event to let your customers know about what you have coming up.

Employee of the Month. For an in-company newsletter, this template can be used to highlight employees who have done a great job. You can include images of each employee and a short blurb about what he or she has done that is great.

Sales or Pricing Events. In addition to highlighting products, you can also showcase special sales or prices that you have coming up. You can include images of products that will be on sale and information on the sale with the images.

Social Media Connections. Use the Product Showcase Template to showcase your best asset: your company! In the image slots, you can include information and links to various social media sites to help your customers connect to your business.

The Product Showcase Template is an easily customizable and flexible template with a variety of purposes, making it a great go-to template for your email campaigns.

Jun 10

Regardless of what type of emails you are sending in a campaign, newsletters can often be effective messages to send to update your customers on what is happening in your business and highlight new products or special deals.

Luckily, many template providers have newsletter templates ready to drop in your email. Email Template Pro offers the Professional Newsletter Template, and StreamSend can customize a company newsletter template just for your business.

Other online sources for newsletter templates include Freemailtemplates.com, which has newsletter templates in a variety of colors and styles, and they are free. ConstantContact.com has over 400 templates available, you will be sure to find an adequate newsletter template theme there.

These newsletter templates are easy to use, and you can add text, links, and images to communicate your message and make the email interesting and entertaining to your customers.

May 27

Email Template Pro has many free email templates, and the Professional Newsletter is an especially useful template that can be modified to many purposes. Here are five easy ways to use this template:

  1. Monthly Newsletter. Use this template to send out a monthly update to your customers. Feature business highlights of the month, including new products, sales, staff changes, store openings, and much more.
  2. In-house Newsletter. Especially in larger companies, it can be hard for everyone in the office, from accounting to sales, to hear about everything that has happened in the company. With this template, you can send out an attractive email with company news about new hires, quarterly numbers, and special event.
  3. Event Updates. Keep everyone in an event-planning group up to date with progress. From family reunions to high school reunions, you can send out emails with the latest planning information.
  4. School Progress Reports. Schools can use this template to send out informative emails to parents that contain information on events, awards, sports scores, and much more. Emails will save time and money over sending out information via paper newsletters.
  5. Updates. Whether you are in the middle of constructing a new building or launching a new product, you can email customers, investors, or other interested parties with updates. This template has room for images, so you can even include pictures of the progress.
May 20

Although the Internet has wonderful subscription email campaign programs and paid templates available, you can find great free templates out there too. Great to freshen up your emails or try out templates risk-free, free templates only cost you the little bit of time it takes to find, download, and use them.

Email Template Pro offers several free templates, all customizable. The Car Company, Professional Newsletter, and the Product Showcase templates can all be used in a variety of emails, from everything like monthly newsletters to advertising special products or sales.

In addition, Freemailtemplates.com has dozens of templates available online. It has templates available to use in several different email clients, and templates are available in HTML and CSS formatting.

These are just two online providers of free templates, and if you are looking to upgrade, you can always visit StreamSend for customized templates.

Apr 21

With so many free and subscription template options out there, it may be hard to know whether you are getting a quality product or not. When finding new templates to use, you may want to keep a few things in mind to be sure you are getting a product that works.

Look for contact information on the web site. If you have issues with a template, you should be able to contact the web site for technical support and advice on using the template.

Many web sites pre-test their templates to make sure that they are compatible with different email providers. With a template that has already been tested, you can save time, money, and aggravation later.

In addition, you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for. If you are investing a large amount in downloading templates or building email campaigns, you want to make sure the company you are using is worth the money. With a free template download, you may not expect a lot. However, if you are investing in your templates or campaigns, then you want to make sure the company offers the right services, including technical support, training, informative articles, and anything else you may need. StreamSend is a great company that offers these services and more.

Searching for professional template providers and campaign managers may take time, but in the end, you will find that a great company is worth the time and money spent.

Jan 6

Whether you design an Email template yourself or use a template from Email Template Pro or a company like StreamSend, it never hurts to have some inspiration for your email design and campaigns. Letting something inspiring drive your email look and message can help set your email apart from the many others filling up your customers’ inboxes.

Luckily, inspiration is free! A great place to start is to consider the season. If springtime flowers are blooming, why not choose a design that celebrates the warmth and bright colors of the season? Meanwhile, as those first flakes of snow start to drift down in the winter, a winter-themed email campaign is timely and engaging.

Other sources of inspiration could be a song, picture, or event. Holidays are also common inspirations that help connect to your customer, in addition to providing an effective platform to advertise products or services. Inspiration could be found anywhere, and if you are filling stuck in an email marketing rut, look around you! You never know what could be right outside your window or on your desk that can provide the inspiration for a great email marketing campaign.

Oct 15
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