Nov 25

Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s: the winter holidays are full of festive spirit, and your email campaign can reflect the joy and festivity of the holiday season.

Holiday templates are a great place to start. Change the color scheme of your emails to green and red, blue and silver, or any other holiday colors is an easy way to create an effective transformation for your emails. In addition, you can download holiday templates. ConstantContact.com has many holiday templates to choose from for all of the major winter holidays.

Also, don’t forget about highlight your products and services for gifts! An email message is an effective and speedy way to let your customers know about sales, special prices, and coupons to use for your business. Email is an important way to communicate with your customers, so do not let this opportunity for valuable holiday conversions pass you by.

Sep 2

With the kids heading back to school and Labor Day just around the corner, summer is officially coming to a close, and that means that cooler temperatures, fall colors, hay rides, and apple cider are closer than you realize. Start planning your fall email campaigns, and you will be ready for the new season.

One way to get your email campaign ready for fall is by changing the template. Find holiday and fall email templates online at Email Template Pro or other template sights, and download them and add them to your emails. You can also include fall images to further transform your emails.

In addition, you can change the products you advertise in your emails to seasonally appropriate items that your business offers, whether it is seasonal clothing or back to school items, or holiday decorations.

Transforming your emails to match with the changing seasons can be an effective way to boost conversions and provide your customers with what they need for the upcoming season.

Jun 30

As July 4th rolls around, now is a great time to add some patriotic spirit to your templates. Whether you add a red and blue color scheme or go all out with a holiday template, a July 4th theme will punch up your emails with the festive spirit of summer.

ConstantContact.com is a great source for a holiday template. They have holiday templates as well as seasonal summer templates that can heat up your email campaigns. Email Template Pro also has customizable templates that you can change the colors and images in to fit the theme.

In addition to downloading a new template, you can add spirited images to your email, like fireworks, flags, and picnics. You can also advertise patriotic or summer products to fit with the theme, like summer vacations, camping equipment, outdoor sports equipment, pictures, photo books, and other miscellaneous items that are great summer purchases.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, summer is a great time to utilize summer and patriotic themes to advertise your products and services.

Nov 29

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’re being bombarded with reminders about the Holiday season. Don’t be annoyed by these ads, listen to them, examine them, learn from them. Take a great commercial you’ve seen on television, turn it into an email and blast it out to your subscribers.

My most successful email marketing campaigns have stemmed from the Holiday shopping season.

Remember, if you have a product, that product could be a gift. Don’t just remember for yourself, remind your customers! Sometimes it just takes one sentence: “Looking for that perfect gift? YourProductHere is the number one choice for YourNicheHere” to plant a seed in your subscriber’s mind.

My stats for last holiday season:
  • 23% Higher click through ratio
  • 19% More Sales
  • 27% Less opt-outs

Take advantage of the Holidays! Get motivated and send out some extra emails, throw in a coupon or a limited time sale, and you’ll see better stats too.