Dec 29

In today’s high productivity, on-the-go life, more people than ever use iPhones, iPods, Smartphones, and other devices to check their email on the go. Unfortunately, something in the email can be lost when the screen shrinks from 17 inches to three.

Even the best email campaign can suffer from the shrinkage when your customers read the email on a mobile device. To avoid your message being unreadable or difficult to load, make sure that your campaigns are mobile-friendly or have mobile-device ready options. Key elements of making it mobile friendly are font size, picture size, and amount of information.

Because the screen is so small, you want to be sure that your font size meets the requirements and is neither too small to be seen or too large to load. In addition, although pictures can be wonderful additions to a campaign, large pictures may take too long to load. In addition, you want to keep your email short and sweet and keep the most important part of the message at the forefront.

Implementing some of these techniques will help your customers read your emails both on and off their computers!

Dec 12

One option that you may want to consider when trying to build a client list is combining forces with a company that has a product that goes well with your product. For example, if you sell diet pills, get a partner company that sells workout videos to work with you. These types of partnerships are perfect for the marketing world, and they work well if you can target your clients effectively. Don’t bombard them with the same commercial lines over and over again. Use different methods, such as new design elements and new combinations of your product lines to attract more clients and keep the same ones you have.

Between the two companies, you’re going to see more progress in getting clients to opt-in to your mailing list. Create a special template to feature both companies with StreamSend. StreamSend has a variety of helpful tips and services to help you get your mailing list and emails off to a great start. They are also useful for research and analytics to make sure that you’re spending your time efficiently.

You will find that building a client list works much better when you have a partnership with a company that has the same goal and a product that works well with yours.

Dec 7

When you’re creating your email and choosing templates, don’t always choose the most fancy or the brightest template that you find. Your templates send a message, and they need to serve a purpose. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong email template for your email message.

If you are sending your subscribers serious information, like information on grave plots or the cause to save baby seals, your template does not need to be in the wackiest, brightest colors. If you are sending your subscribers humerous or funny information, your email template does not need to be dark and somber. Your template will start to send your message before the customers even read the title, so make sure that you are sending the right message by choosing your template accordingly.

For help choosing the right template and keeping your subscriber information organized, visit StreamSend. StreamSend offers a number of helpful emailing services that will make sure you are always on top of your game.

May 24

One of the most trusted names in computer software business is Microsoft. It only makes sense that you may want to use their product to create your email templates for the office and for business updates and letters. Microsoft helps you efficiently create templates for continual use by helping you set up a list of recipients for your emails, helping you set up your email template, and helping you prepare your message.

The first thing Microsoft works with you on is setting up a list of email recipients. This is one of the most important parts of creating an email template because the whole point is to make sure that everyone gets each and every email you send out. If you don’t have your list set up properly, you have to add in who will receive your emails and your email information each time. This can create errors that may keep some of your recipients from receiving email. It does not look professional when simple errors keep you from sending your emails to everyone, and it wastes your valuable time. Make sure that your emails are received each time with Microsoft’s distribution list.

The second thing that Microsoft helps you arrange is the email template you will be using. Some of your information will be fairly constant. This is the type of information you will want to go into your template. Business information and contact information are some examples. Of course, you may have other things that you typically put in your email. Microsoft will make it easy for you to send out emails with that template, and it cuts down on errors like typos and misspelling words. Set up your email template to be more effective and efficient.

The final task that Microsoft will help you work on is preparing your message. You will already have your template, so you just need to add information to that template. You can do it with confidence that you don’t have to look over anything already in the template, so you can focus on the task at hand. Microsoft gives you a dialog box which makes it easier for you to see exactly how your entire email will turn out.

Microsoft email templates are a great way to set up the basics of email templates for your company. Microsoft covers all of the most basic things you will need. For more in-depth email template help, check out StreamSend. StreamSend will help you create detailed email templates that fit exactly what your company needs.

Dec 21

Every so often, you’ll check your email and find a plain text sales promotion. It’s not eye-catching, interesting, or easily understood. What do you do? Delete it. That’s right, you delete this perfectly good email.

The reason most people delete emails such as the one from the example is because they don’t have the time, nor do they want to spend the time, to read the copy. They want headlines and pictures so they can look at it and instantly know what the email is about. So if you’re not using things like pictures and headlines,  your missing out. Big time!

The easiest way to grab a reader’s attention is with a picture. Most successful emails have one near the top of their email. The purpose is to draw the reader in, and it almost always works. The catch-22 is that  you have to be very careful about the pictures you use. For example, for a car dealership to include a picture of a puppy doesn’t make a lot of sense. But if that puppy is riding in the newest model of their top-selling car, that picture will be much more effective.

You also have to customize the photos to suite the audience the email is being sent to. For example, clothing manufacturers that target teens and young adults would not benefit from using pictures in which the models are in their 40s. The same is true on the flip side. If you’re targeting and older audience, don’t use pictures of 20-somethings.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with a little thoughtful preparation you can make those thousand words count!

Dec 16

While the majority of our posts tend to focus on the larger picture – from opt-in list building to eye catching, comprehensive email templates – today we will focus on the details. Certainly, you need a solid game plan and attention grabbing presentation to succeed, but without attention to the details all of your hard work can be countered by minor, unprofessional touches. And this is where email signature templates come into the picture. With a solid email signature template you can ensure a professional look throughout your emails without having to constantly keep the little things in mind.

Those interested in applying an email signature template to their emails will find nearly a dozen different styles at Wise Stamp.com, offering a solid mixture of both professional and personal signature templates, allowing you to choose which is best to use depending on the individual situation.

If you would like to add a personal touch to your signature template, you may want to use a personalized signature creator, such as the one featured at Signature-Creator.Software.Snformer.com. Here, you will find the tools needed to create personal, handwritten-style email signature templates that can help you stand out from the pack.

For those that have no clue as to the exact style that would best serve their purposes, you may want to visit Hanselman.com and look over Scott Hanselman’s helpful article on proper email signature etiquette.

And as always, it is highly recommended that you use StreamSend to help organize any email marketing project you may have. Whether relying on the html templates provided by StreamSend, needing the security provided by an individual, private IP address or just needing an easy way to manage your email marketing strategy, you will find that StreamSend can provide help in every area.

Nov 20

Every time you send a newsletter, announcement, or promotional email you try everything you can think of to draw your reader in. Once you’ve got them, the body of the email gives them the information you’re trying to get a cross. So, how do you get them to that point?

One option is a snappy, attention-getter opening. It may work and it may not. A far more effective technique is called a banner ad. Banner ads sit at the top of the email and draw your audience into the body of the email. The ad could also lead them directly to the landing page where you want them to go. A banner ad can be instrumental in effectively motivating your audience. Here are a few tips to create the best possible ad:

1.K.I.S.S. That saying you used as a kid can be very helpful in this situation. Keep it simple, silly. The banner ad has only a few seconds to catch the reader’s eye before they move on so the ad has to be simple and to the point. Don’t bother with flash or pizazz because your reader will look right over the ad if they can’t immediately see the point.

2.Call for action with words that raise emotion or attention. Words like ‘free’ and ‘limited time offer’ are always popular. Keywords like this will grab the reader’s attention and make them curious. At this point, including a keyword such as ‘Click Now’ is always a good idea. You’ve got them curious and you need to tell them what to do to get more information.

3.Emphasize what your product can do for your customer. People are always looking for ways to make their life easier or better, so tell them how your product or service can do that! For example, we offer free email templates so a great banner ad for our email blasts would highlight that downloading our templates saves you the time you’d spend designing your own (making life easier) as opposed to ‘we offer free templates’.

4. Remember that you are a business! Keep your ads with the tone of the email it is attached to and don’t forget that this ad is the first impression for your email! Remember to keep it professional. Also, you never know what will grab people’s attention best. Try to create several banner ads and test them over a period of time. Keep the most successful ads and use them in the future. If you ever need new banner ads, model them after the ones you know work.

It is always best to design your own ads because you can tailor them to suite your company and your audience; but let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have the time. There are several options. You can always hire someone to do it for you, or you can search the Internet for free options.

If the ‘Net is seeming like a good idea, check out AdDesigner.com. Once you sign up to be a member, you’ll have access to all kinds of tips, sample ads, and free stuff. Not to mention you can design your banner ad on their site!

Nov 9

With the ability to provide stream-lined design, visual cues and the potential for added creativity, there is simply no denying the effectiveness of html emails when compared to simple text. However, programming an html email can take sufficient background knowledge in html and time to program to prove effective… until now.

At EmailTemplatePro.com, you will find a variety of html email templates that can easily be used with no prior knowledge of html. Simply download the email template that appeals to you, add text, and watch the results!

Aside from EmailTemplatePro.com, with StreamSend you will also find professional html email templates along with the professional assistance needed to maximize your message’s potential.

Regardless of whether you are a home business or multi-national corporation, the Internet is allowing us all to be on the same playing field more and more each day, and for the moment html email and services such as StreamSend are the forefront of providing an advantage to all.