Jan 25

If you are still considering the idea of beginning email campaigns for your business, then you may be thinking about what you should send out. Depending on the type of business, you may need to advertise specials, products, or services you offer. If you are just starting, you may want to start out small and highlight a few special elements of your business.

For instance, if you are introducing new products or services, an email is a great way to let your customer base know, thus generating more awareness and possible sales for your business. You can even use a free template like those on Email Template Pro to highlight and showcase your information complete with pictures, texts, and links.

Another item to include in an email campaign is if you are having special sales or prices during the holidays or any other time. Whether it’s a monthly special or holiday sales, an email is a convenient and practically free way to let your customers know about special deals.

These are just a couple of ideas of what to include in an email campaign; there is practically no limit to what you can include!

Jan 18

Along with planning a recipient list and what to put in your emails, another important consideration for your campaign is the frequency with which to send out emails. While more than a couple emails a week could be overwhelming or irritating for your readers, sometimes frequency can benefit a campaign.

A factor of frequency is what you are sending out. If you are highlighting a sale, then multiple emails in the course of a sale may benefit you. For instance, this past holiday season retailers like Gap and JCrew ran multiple online sales for the course of the season. If the sale ran the course of the weekend, then I might receive an email on Thursday advertising the sale, an email on Friday telling me that the sale had started, and then an email on Saturday and Sunday reminding me that the sale was still going on. Because the sale was a limited time offer, the frequent emails were effective because they served as reminders of the special prices.

However, if these retailers were not advertising any special deals, then four emails in four days would be irritating and head right to the spam folder. Other opportune times to increase the frequency of your emails is when you are introducing new products or services or around the holidays. If your email campaigns are not being as effective as you wish them to be, consider adjusting the frequency and see the results.

Jan 12

After deciding to do an email campaign, the next big decision is who to send the emails to. If you already have a customer email list, then that is a great place to start. However, email campaign programs can be expensive, so you want to make sure that the right eyes are seeing your message.

An easy way to effectively limit your email messages is to divide your customers by their interests or what they have bought in the past. For instance, if your customer has primarily only bought books from a certain company, he or she may not really be interested in emails advertising automotive care items. Make sure that your customers will be interested in your message, or your emails may just end up in the dreaded spam folder.

If you do not already have your customers’ emails, then the best time to start gathering information could be whenever they purchase a service or product. Then, you can record their information as well as purchasing habits. Email templates are an important aspect for campaigns, but if the right people are not seeing the emails, then you’ve been wasting time and money.

Jan 6

Whether you design an Email template yourself or use a template from Email Template Pro or a company like StreamSend, it never hurts to have some inspiration for your email design and campaigns. Letting something inspiring drive your email look and message can help set your email apart from the many others filling up your customers’ inboxes.

Luckily, inspiration is free! A great place to start is to consider the season. If springtime flowers are blooming, why not choose a design that celebrates the warmth and bright colors of the season? Meanwhile, as those first flakes of snow start to drift down in the winter, a winter-themed email campaign is timely and engaging.

Other sources of inspiration could be a song, picture, or event. Holidays are also common inspirations that help connect to your customer, in addition to providing an effective platform to advertise products or services. Inspiration could be found anywhere, and if you are filling stuck in an email marketing rut, look around you! You never know what could be right outside your window or on your desk that can provide the inspiration for a great email marketing campaign.