May 27

Email Template Pro has many free email templates, and the Professional Newsletter is an especially useful template that can be modified to many purposes. Here are five easy ways to use this template:

  1. Monthly Newsletter. Use this template to send out a monthly update to your customers. Feature business highlights of the month, including new products, sales, staff changes, store openings, and much more.
  2. In-house Newsletter. Especially in larger companies, it can be hard for everyone in the office, from accounting to sales, to hear about everything that has happened in the company. With this template, you can send out an attractive email with company news about new hires, quarterly numbers, and special event.
  3. Event Updates. Keep everyone in an event-planning group up to date with progress. From family reunions to high school reunions, you can send out emails with the latest planning information.
  4. School Progress Reports. Schools can use this template to send out informative emails to parents that contain information on events, awards, sports scores, and much more. Emails will save time and money over sending out information via paper newsletters.
  5. Updates. Whether you are in the middle of constructing a new building or launching a new product, you can email customers, investors, or other interested parties with updates. This template has room for images, so you can even include pictures of the progress.
May 20

Although the Internet has wonderful subscription email campaign programs and paid templates available, you can find great free templates out there too. Great to freshen up your emails or try out templates risk-free, free templates only cost you the little bit of time it takes to find, download, and use them.

Email Template Pro offers several free templates, all customizable. The Car Company, Professional Newsletter, and the Product Showcase templates can all be used in a variety of emails, from everything like monthly newsletters to advertising special products or sales.

In addition, Freemailtemplates.com has dozens of templates available online. It has templates available to use in several different email clients, and templates are available in HTML and CSS formatting.

These are just two online providers of free templates, and if you are looking to upgrade, you can always visit StreamSend for customized templates.

May 13

Although you can use different formats for email templates, HTML is one of the most popular to use. Friendly to most email providers, HTML templates are easy to use and incorporate in your email marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, there are many online sources to find HTML templates for download, whether for free or purchase. Email Template Pro is a great place to start. It offers free downloads as well as premium templates.

StreamSend is another trusted option. It will build a customized template that can feature your company logo, colors, images, and anything else to suit your needs.

Many other sites are out there as well. CampaignMonitor.com has templates available, as does ConstantContact.com. These sites have hundreds of HTML templates and designs available that will fit any purpose. Dozens of sites out there have templates, and HTML is one of the best choices for your campaigns.

May 6

After April showers, summer is just around the corner, bringing with it Memorial Day, July 4th, and summer vacations. A great way to liven up your email campaign for the summer months is to use lively summer theme templates.

You can freshen up your email by just changing the colors. If you are using a template that can easily change colors, then switch your color schemes to include bright colors, including blues, yellows, and oranges. You can also add images of beaches, barbecues, picnics, and outdoor activities like biking, roller blading, and swimming to create an atmosphere of summer in your emails.

In addition, sites like StreamSend and ContentContact.com offer themed templates. StreamSend can customize summer templates for you, and ContentContact.com has holiday and seasonal themes ready to go. Basically any summer email could benefit from a little summer spirit or fireworks, so start considering now how you can heat up your email campaign this summer.