Oct 28

This may not seem to be directly related to email marketing, but since most of my clients run full time websites I thought it would be nice to touch on this subject. I couldn’t even begin to list the hundreds of online resources for website valuation, so I have placed links throughout this post to the most accurate resources on how to value a website.

There are an array of online tools, sites, and consultants that claim they will give you an accurate estimate on what your website is worth. When using any of these methods it is always a good idea to take into consideration some commonly overlooked factors such as the effectiveness of your opt-in list and/or email newsletter.

You will often see the automatic website valuations gathering information on your site such as the number of back links. Back links can be links from blog comments, forums, and directories. If your site has valuable content people will want to link back to you, these are probably the highest valued back links one can obtain.

Many of the website valuation guides will mention your Google page rank, and overall search engine ranking position. Several other factors such as Alexa ranking, link popularity, and compete ranking can also play into your website valuation.

For more detailed information check out this site: how to value websites

Oct 24

Have you created a Squidoo Lens yet? We’re just getting started on ours and thought we’d share it with our readers.

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