Nov 29

Unless you’re living in a cave, you’re being bombarded with reminders about the Holiday season. Don’t be annoyed by these ads, listen to them, examine them, learn from them. Take a great commercial you’ve seen on television, turn it into an email and blast it out to your subscribers.

My most successful email marketing campaigns have stemmed from the Holiday shopping season.

Remember, if you have a product, that product could be a gift. Don’t just remember for yourself, remind your customers! Sometimes it just takes one sentence: “Looking for that perfect gift? YourProductHere is the number one choice for YourNicheHere” to plant a seed in your subscriber’s mind.

My stats for last holiday season:
  • 23% Higher click through ratio
  • 19% More Sales
  • 27% Less opt-outs

Take advantage of the Holidays! Get motivated and send out some extra emails, throw in a coupon or a limited time sale, and you’ll see better stats too.