Feb 19

For a successful marketing campaign, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools. StreamSend is the right tool for anyone who wants to set up a professional, secure, and effective marketing campaign. With StreamSend’s step by step formula for easy success, you can’t go wrong.  

Your first step should be to set up a targeted email template. With StreamSend’s software and helpful starting tips, you can have a targeted email template set up in just a few minutes. StreamSend allows you to either create your own template with downloads from the internet, other software on your computer, or you can make your own template from ideas you already have. If you don’t have any ideas of what you’d like to start with, StreamSend has some professional templates that you can customize. StreamSend is prepared for every possibility. 

After setting up your email template, you will need people to email your templates to. This does involve setting up an HTML code. If you don’t know how to set up an HTML, StreamSend can guide you through the process. StreamSend is not a website that will be complicated for you to use, so the process will not be stressful or confusing as it might be with a webpage pulled up at random for the process. StreamSend will even guide you through the basics of what you need for your contact list or subscribers.

If you have a lengthy list of subscribers, you’re probably already dreading the long process of transferring them to your new account. With StreamSend, this does not have to be a burden. StreamSend has an import wizard that will help you transfer your subscriber information straight to your new HTML site. You can upload an entire file of subscribers or do it one at a time, and StreamSend will be there to help streamline the process.

Typically, once you set up your list of subscribers, you will want to break them down into groups to help you market to them more effectively. Once you’ve done that process, it’s a long and difficult task to keep up with who has unsubscribed or who would like to subscribe. StreamSend solves that problem.  StreamSend automatically keeps up with all of that information for you. You’re never out of date or sending out useless emails with StreamSend on the job.

It may feel like with all this new technology you’ll need help. StreamSend is the only help you will need. There is no special training or paid professionals. There is just you and StreamSend. StreamSend will send out your emails in a professional manner, and you can sit back and enjoy how organized and professional your new email templates and mailing system are for you. 

You don’t even have to calculate your own reports with StreamSend. StreamSend does it all for you. At the click of a button you’ll know who unsubscribed or what emails didn’t go through. You’ll also know what campaigns are working and which ones are not. It’s all so easy with StreamSend!

Don’t forget, you may know the steps, but you can’t do it without StreamSend. StreamSend will make your marketing journey one that is worth your time and effort.

Oct 30

Effective marketing is the key to any successful business. Therefore, the question on every company’s mind is “How do we increase the effectiveness of our marketing?” There are several things you can do, but the quickest, easiest, and cheapest is sending out email newsletters.

If your a company just beginning to explore the idea of email blasts or email marketing, the idea can be daunting. Do  not fret. There are so many ways to get started. If your company has access to a creative team that can tailor your email templates to suit your company that is the best option. However, not every company has the time or resources to devote to this task. If that is the case, there is another option.

Your company can always use pre-made email templates. That’s were we come in. By signing up as a member of this site, you and your company gain access to everything you need to create effective email newsletters. The best part is they are pre-made, tested for optimal efficiency and FREE! It’s your one-stop-shop for email marketing.