May 14

When you’re running a business, you need to be prepared with signature email templates for each situation you may encounter through email. It is hard to be prepared for every situation, so choose some “blanket” templates that should go at the end or beginning of each email you send out. Some templates you may consider are basic, general best wishes, and possibly one with a quote.

The basic signature email template should be set up with your name, the name of the business, and your contact information. This looks professional, and it makes it easier for business associates and clients to reach you. You may even want to include a facebook page for your business or your twitter business account. In today’s fast-paced world, you want to make sure you are never out of touch. Each line of contact will help you gain more business.

For emails that require a slightly more personal touch, the “best wishes” template should be considered. This signature email template should be placed at the end of your email. It will indicate well-wishes toward your readers without you needing to worry about being either too impersonal or not being businesslike enough. It’s a great solution for those times when you aren’t quite sure how personal you should be with your email recipients.

Another wonderful email signature template is the quote signature template. You may consider putting your company motto in or just having an uplifting or funny quote to make your readers smile. As long as the quote isn’t offensive to anyone, it’s a great way to add something a little extra to your email.

These three templates cover almost any situation you may encounter in the business world. For more email template help, check out StreamSend. They offer wonderful templates to help you get started. The basic signature email template, best wishes template, and quote template will all be useful to you in your journey to becoming the best in your field.

Dec 16

While the majority of our posts tend to focus on the larger picture – from opt-in list building to eye catching, comprehensive email templates – today we will focus on the details. Certainly, you need a solid game plan and attention grabbing presentation to succeed, but without attention to the details all of your hard work can be countered by minor, unprofessional touches. And this is where email signature templates come into the picture. With a solid email signature template you can ensure a professional look throughout your emails without having to constantly keep the little things in mind.

Those interested in applying an email signature template to their emails will find nearly a dozen different styles at Wise Stamp.com, offering a solid mixture of both professional and personal signature templates, allowing you to choose which is best to use depending on the individual situation.

If you would like to add a personal touch to your signature template, you may want to use a personalized signature creator, such as the one featured at Signature-Creator.Software.Snformer.com. Here, you will find the tools needed to create personal, handwritten-style email signature templates that can help you stand out from the pack.

For those that have no clue as to the exact style that would best serve their purposes, you may want to visit Hanselman.com and look over Scott Hanselman’s helpful article on proper email signature etiquette.

And as always, it is highly recommended that you use StreamSend to help organize any email marketing project you may have. Whether relying on the html templates provided by StreamSend, needing the security provided by an individual, private IP address or just needing an easy way to manage your email marketing strategy, you will find that StreamSend can provide help in every area.