Dec 21

If you are looking for a new content management system, be sure to check out Joomla! This easy-to-use CMS allows you to keep track of each individual piece of content on your website. For those who are not technologically advanced, Joomla is perfect because it is incredibly simple. You can keep track of text, photos, music, video, documents, and pretty much anything else you need to manage online, all through one program. The best part of Joomla is that it is completely free for the general public and can be downloaded directly from their website. A demo is available for those who are curious about what Joomla looks like and how it works, and add-ons are available for a variety of purposes. A few notable companies that use Joomla include MTV Networks Quizilla, IHOP, Harvard University, and Citibank.

Since everyone has different preferences concerning what programs he or she likes to use best, be sure to look into StreamSend to manage your email.  StreamSend allows you to manage your client lists and assures that each of your emails is visually appealing and appropriate to your cause.

Dec 1

As you send out emails to your list of recipients, its important to effectively construct your email in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. We have several free email templates on our own site that can help you out with this process depending on if you’re selling goods, services or simply need a colorful background to go with your email. If you feel like your skills have improved enough to start creating your own newsletter, it’s important to start slow and not move into the design process too fast. Don’t start from scratch your first time – use a basic HTML template to put you on the right track and customize the template to fit your needs. For some designers, customizable templates are all they desire.

Remember, if the company you work for provides incentives for new users to sign up  for newsletters, it’s important to incorporate this incentive in your ad design to attract new users. For example, if a soda company provides a “buy one get one free” beverage for signing up for a newsletter, make sure you include this message using attention-getting technique, like bright colors or interesting font, and display the message beside or under the main title of your advertisement.

Be bold in your newsletter – use color where it counts, and link your messages directly to the pages of the Web site. Be sure to preview your newsletter before you send it out, and use researching tools and data-gathering tools from sites like StreamSend to get the best results. StreamSend has several customizable templates to browse through and perhaps get a few ideas in coordination with design.

Nov 19

The road to a gaining a successful client base and online audience can be effectively achieved with the proper care in email marketing. Many companies send out newsletters and messages to their users once or twice a month, but their message can just as easily be deleted if it doesn’t stand out from the rest. Using the techniques from companies like eMarketer, your emails can become one of the most effective communication tools that you use. There are four elements that are essential when sending your email out to recipients.

Informed decisions – Gather the data that your email recipients need. Once you’ve sent this information out, you can gauge your audience’s feedback and make better company decisions. Don’t jumble up your information; use only what you need.

Quality Presentations – Once you’ve gathered your data, remember that it cannot be effective without good way to present it. Use what you know of design to compile and format your data in a way that’s appealing to the eye.

Company Advancement – Recipients now know all about your service or product, and now you must improve what you have. Use your data to change the company to serve the customers in better ways.

Educate Audience – Once the first three steps are acted upon, you can now turn your focus almost exclusively on the audience. Presenting information that helps them learn more about your business is key to a successful relationship between the company and customer.

Additional research can be gained through other online sources, and these are just a few of the ways you can quickly boost your productivity with email communication. If you’d like to carefully find trends and custom email templates, StreamSend is a great site to use. The site provides an Email Analyzer to test your emails before sending them out, and you can combine your research with Google Analytics to create the best email marketing strategy.

Oct 22

Corporate and private users have been sending emails to their audiences for years, but as they focus on their target issues, their audience undoubtedly shrinks. Some have made the argument that the bigger the audience, the better the results, but many times it depends on the market the email sender is in. If the sender would like to send a large advertisement to his audience, direct email marketing is one of the easiest approaches. After segmenting customers through research and software, senders can personalize the email to make address it to that specific individual instead of making it look like they targeted an entire third party.

As CRM points out, the way in which you use the direct email marketing technique can make or break your campaign. Audiences don’t want a message that is stamped with all capital letters in the subject line or layered with hypertext in every sentence. Messages must be creative and professional to maintain the recipient’s interest. To research the statistics of successful emails, audiences must be narrowed to only the target group so that numbers are not wasted.

Direct email marketing is hard work and time-consuming, but the task pays off in the long run. Continue to use your intellect and intuition to determine who your audience is and what they’ll want next. To make the process easier in terms of research, you can sign up for StreamSend. Using this site, you can download predesigned templates, and analyze how effectively your message is being sent by testing it through nine different spam filters.

Jul 30

There are several tips and strategies to better manage your personal e-mail as well as your business e-mail. Some are just plain common sense, while others may not be so clear. Listed below are a few steps to better help your business successfully and effectively manage e-mails and the way they are presented.

One thing to always remember is to follow e-mail etiquette. Here are a few pointers:

  • Never write an e-mail if you are angry. Be sure wait 24 hours so you have the chance to calm down and think things over.
  • After you have finished your e-mail, have someone else look it over for errors.
  • Be sure to never use all uppercase. This makes the recipient feel like you’re yelling through your words.
  • When you use too many exclamation marks, it makes them less effective so be sure to use them sparingly.
  • Make sure your subject lines are to the point so they are more likely to get opened in a timely manner.
  • If you need to write an e-mail that is two paragraphs or more, it may be best to just give that person a call.

It is easier than ever to send e-mails, and even easier to make a mistake. Always check to make sure the address in the “To:” field is correct. As you probably know, when you start to type the name of a person in the “To:” field, there is a list of matching names that are automatically generated. Be sure to select the correct recipient. Possibly, if you are composing an e-mail about someone in particular, their name will tend to be on your mind so try not to inadvertently send the e-mail to them.

Another helpful hint is to have several e-mail addresses you use for different purposes. Use separate e-mails for public, private, online mailing lists, and online shopping. This can help keep e-mail priorities straight and keep your mind on task when in each specific account. Also make sure, if needed, you can reach that account from anywhere. Yahoo! and Gmail are good accounts to use for easy access.

After you have created your separate e-mail accounts, be sure to check them all on a regular basis. This task can be time consuming as well as annoying. A great way to access all your accounts at once is to use ePrompter which is free and can check numerous accounts at once. Another program that can do the same but for a fee is Active Email Monitor.

Always remember to reread each e-mail before clicking “Send”! People tend to judge your mistakes in an e-mail even though nobody is perfect. A good way to prevent this is to just simply read over an e-mail you have just composed which can catch 99% of any possible mistakes. Spell check is great, but won’t catch any grammatical errors or missing words.

Just remember these helpful hints to help your business grow and be more effectively managed. If you are searching for more help with e-mail as well as templates and other helpful services like quick start training, image placing, editing HTML code, and more, visit StreamSend. When you use StreamSend, it can help better present your e-mails with eye-catching templates and offers several other helpful tools.

May 14

When you’re running a business, you need to be prepared with signature email templates for each situation you may encounter through email. It is hard to be prepared for every situation, so choose some “blanket” templates that should go at the end or beginning of each email you send out. Some templates you may consider are basic, general best wishes, and possibly one with a quote.

The basic signature email template should be set up with your name, the name of the business, and your contact information. This looks professional, and it makes it easier for business associates and clients to reach you. You may even want to include a facebook page for your business or your twitter business account. In today’s fast-paced world, you want to make sure you are never out of touch. Each line of contact will help you gain more business.

For emails that require a slightly more personal touch, the “best wishes” template should be considered. This signature email template should be placed at the end of your email. It will indicate well-wishes toward your readers without you needing to worry about being either too impersonal or not being businesslike enough. It’s a great solution for those times when you aren’t quite sure how personal you should be with your email recipients.

Another wonderful email signature template is the quote signature template. You may consider putting your company motto in or just having an uplifting or funny quote to make your readers smile. As long as the quote isn’t offensive to anyone, it’s a great way to add something a little extra to your email.

These three templates cover almost any situation you may encounter in the business world. For more email template help, check out StreamSend. They offer wonderful templates to help you get started. The basic signature email template, best wishes template, and quote template will all be useful to you in your journey to becoming the best in your field.

Mar 8

Email newsletters are rapidly gaining popularity. They are used to keep people updated, to generate interest for a topic, and for marketing purposes. They are a multi-purpose, useful resource for businesses, clubs, schools, and other societies. That is why it is so important to make sure you have a template that works for your newsletter.

Newsletters are so often used that you are expected to have the knowledge to send a newsletter that looks professional every time. This is not just for business purposes but for any society sending out a newsletter for any reason. If your template doesn’t look like you put any effort into it, no one is going to expend the effort to read all of it. Even people who would potentially be interested in your information won’t take the time to open your newsletter and go over it with a good template. If your newsletter does not look professional, you even run the risk of having readers think your information might not be legitimate.

This is why it is so important to either make an email template that looks good or find one online. Companies like StreamSend can help you create professional templates that will wow your readers or be classic enough to allow the information to speak for itself. A template that allows your information to be read without the distraction of it being sloppy or unattractive can be invaluable.  Find or create a tasteful template that can represent you and your information the way it was meant to.

Feb 19

For a successful marketing campaign, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools. StreamSend is the right tool for anyone who wants to set up a professional, secure, and effective marketing campaign. With StreamSend’s step by step formula for easy success, you can’t go wrong.  

Your first step should be to set up a targeted email template. With StreamSend’s software and helpful starting tips, you can have a targeted email template set up in just a few minutes. StreamSend allows you to either create your own template with downloads from the internet, other software on your computer, or you can make your own template from ideas you already have. If you don’t have any ideas of what you’d like to start with, StreamSend has some professional templates that you can customize. StreamSend is prepared for every possibility. 

After setting up your email template, you will need people to email your templates to. This does involve setting up an HTML code. If you don’t know how to set up an HTML, StreamSend can guide you through the process. StreamSend is not a website that will be complicated for you to use, so the process will not be stressful or confusing as it might be with a webpage pulled up at random for the process. StreamSend will even guide you through the basics of what you need for your contact list or subscribers.

If you have a lengthy list of subscribers, you’re probably already dreading the long process of transferring them to your new account. With StreamSend, this does not have to be a burden. StreamSend has an import wizard that will help you transfer your subscriber information straight to your new HTML site. You can upload an entire file of subscribers or do it one at a time, and StreamSend will be there to help streamline the process.

Typically, once you set up your list of subscribers, you will want to break them down into groups to help you market to them more effectively. Once you’ve done that process, it’s a long and difficult task to keep up with who has unsubscribed or who would like to subscribe. StreamSend solves that problem.  StreamSend automatically keeps up with all of that information for you. You’re never out of date or sending out useless emails with StreamSend on the job.

It may feel like with all this new technology you’ll need help. StreamSend is the only help you will need. There is no special training or paid professionals. There is just you and StreamSend. StreamSend will send out your emails in a professional manner, and you can sit back and enjoy how organized and professional your new email templates and mailing system are for you. 

You don’t even have to calculate your own reports with StreamSend. StreamSend does it all for you. At the click of a button you’ll know who unsubscribed or what emails didn’t go through. You’ll also know what campaigns are working and which ones are not. It’s all so easy with StreamSend!

Don’t forget, you may know the steps, but you can’t do it without StreamSend. StreamSend will make your marketing journey one that is worth your time and effort.

Nov 9

With the ability to provide stream-lined design, visual cues and the potential for added creativity, there is simply no denying the effectiveness of html emails when compared to simple text. However, programming an html email can take sufficient background knowledge in html and time to program to prove effective… until now.

At EmailTemplatePro.com, you will find a variety of html email templates that can easily be used with no prior knowledge of html. Simply download the email template that appeals to you, add text, and watch the results!

Aside from EmailTemplatePro.com, with StreamSend you will also find professional html email templates along with the professional assistance needed to maximize your message’s potential.

Regardless of whether you are a home business or multi-national corporation, the Internet is allowing us all to be on the same playing field more and more each day, and for the moment html email and services such as StreamSend are the forefront of providing an advantage to all.

Dec 8

You may have the perfect product, the perfect sales pitch and an endless list of eager buyers’ e-mails, but if your message isn’t reaching its base your potential customers will be nothing more than lost sales. This is the exact scenario that many online entrepreneurs are finding themselves in, often times having to get out of the game long before they ever have a chance. Thankfully, there is a service in place to help easily organize even the most daunting of email lists, ensure that marketing emails actually make it to customers’ inboxes, and provide a wealth of features that will allow you to present your message in a professional manner. That service is StreamSend.

How Can StreamSend Help Me?

Simply put, if you need to send out bulk e-mail in a timely, organized fashion and need to be guaranteed that those emails are actually being received, StreamSend can help you. You’ll find countless tools to organize and maintain an updated list, though organization is only the beginning. StreamSend can also help polish your sales pitch with a wealth of professional HTML e-mail templates and even tweak the look of your e-mail with HTML editing features. However, one of StreamSend’s most enticing features is that every client receives a private IP address. This ensures that your e-mails will never get blocked due to the marketing infractions of someone else using the same IP address.

StreamSend May Work, But is it Worth the Cost?

Find out for yourself! StreamSend offers a free 30-day trial to let you get a feel for if the system can help with your individual needs. After the free trail, they have standard plans starting as low as $19.90 per month and Large Volume Plans beginning at $209.90 per month. It should also be noted that there are no contracts to sign, so if you find 5 months into your campaign that you’re not getting the results you feel you deserve you can easily change course.

StreamSend Sounds Great, But My Business Isn’t That Big

It’s true that StreamSend works with some of our nation’s most iconic brand names including Jelly Belly, MTV and UPS, but that’s not to say that StreamSend can only benefit the big guy. From small businesses looking to make the leap into the big leagues to home businesses simply trying to stay a float, if you have a product that needs online exposure StreamSend can help.